Capturing memories with Cheerz // Win £25 to spend on photo products

Photobooks, prints and posters from Cheerz

One of my favourite things to do when I was younger was to get the big photo albums down from the shelf in my mum and dad’s spare room and look through all the old pictures from when I was little. Of course as a child born in the 70s there aren’t that many photos from my childhood and each album would probably cover a few years. Things are very different now and since the boys were born I have taken literally tens of thousands of my pictures but they are nearly all on my computer and hardly ever get looked at.  Read more

Top tips for surviving with a toddler in a plaster cast

Gabe at the pool with his cast protector on

If you’re a regular reader then you may know that Gabe managed to break a bone in his foot by jumping off the sofa a couple of weeks ago. After a bedtime trip to A & E he ended up in a plaster cast to below his knee. We were actually really lucky that it healed quickly and he only had the cast on for 11 days but I thought I’d share a few tips for coping with a toddler in a plaster cast. Read more

Toddler swimming with Puddle Ducks // 4 weeks on

Last month Gabe started swimming lessons in the Kickers class with Puddle Ducks West Lancs. I wrote about how we were getting on after the first two lessons, and to be honest it wasn’t going well! This was nothing at all to do with the lessons themselves I hasten to add – it’s just that Gabe is not a fan of new things and going in the pool was not something he was eager to do! Read more

Afternoon bath time fun with Cuddledry

Gabe in his Cuddleroar towel

We haven’t bathed the boys every day since Toby was a baby and we discovered that it dried his skin too much. For a long time now they have only had a bath once or twice a week. We used to do baths before bed but they seemed to take so long and since Toby has started school and Gabe stopped napping they are both so tired by bedtime that baths were just ending up making everyone grumpy. So for the last few months we’ve had a new routine – weekend afternoon bath time fun! Read more

Starting toddler swimming lessons with Puddle Ducks

Gabe grinning after his swimming lesson

When Toby was a baby I took him to swimming lessons for almost a year. We had some wobbles on the the whole it was really good, and it definitely gave me confidence to take him in the pool on my own when we were on holiday. But when Gabe was a baby, I also had a toddler to look after and so swimming lessons were something we just didn’t manage, and I’ve always felt a bit guilty about that. But now he’s two, and Toby is at school so we started looking around for toddler swimming lessons. Read more

Can the iPhone 8 Plus really replace my DSLR?

Can the iPhone 8 Plus replace my DSLR - I find out thanks to Three

I currently have an iPhone 6 and although the camera is good I still tend to use my DSLR for blog photos and even for Instagram pictures most of the time. But carrying a bulky DSLR around all the time is a pain and so I don’t always get the pictures I’d like. So when the fabulous people at Three sent me a shiny new iPhone 8 Plus to try out I was keen to see if the camera really was good enough to permanently replace my DSLR. Read more

Getting ready to start primary school

Toby looking super smart in his school uniform

Schools have now broken up for the summer holidays and that means it’s only six weeks until Toby will be starting in Reception. And that means just six weeks to get Toby ready to start primary school. I know lots of children are super excited about starting school – they can’t wait to get their uniform on and go off every day to learn and play and make new friends. Toby though is going to take a little more convincing!

Although he says he is looking forward to starting school, and will be joined by a few of his friends from nursery, he is still quite apprehensive about the whole thing. This seems to be manifesting itself in some pretty out of character behaviour, and this week a couple of bed-wetting incidents too. He was only four a couple of weeks ago so he’s still quite young really and I think it’s going to take quite a lot of adjusting to get ready for school. Read more

Shake That Weight // The results after 4 weeks

Shake That Weight banana shake

Four weeks ago I started the Shake That Weight diet – I followed the Woman with Meal plan which involved having three Shake That Weight products and one 400 calorie meal a day. There are other plans depending on your weight and lifestyle and there’s a handy tool on the website to help you choose. You can also read more about Shake That Weight on my previous post.

So what did I think of Shake That Weight and how did I get on?

I ordered a selection of different products to try and there were plenty to choose from. Ordering was easy and I liked how the website tells you how many days worth of products you have in your basket. It also lets you know how many more products you need to add to take advantage of the Buy More, Save More offers. Read more

Hisense Fridge Freezer review // My American-style fridge freezer of dreams

At our old house we had separate under counter fridge and freezer and I hated them. They were too small, I had to bend down to get anything out, and once Toby worked out how to open the door I had to always be on my guard for him helping himself!

When we moved I knew I wanted to get an American-style fridge freezer but I had some very specific requirements. Our kitchen isn’t enormous so although I wanted big it still needed to fit somewhere. Most of the fridge freezers I looked at had the fridge on one side and the freezer on the other, but I wanted one with the fridge on top. And lastly I didn’t want one that needed to be plumbed in for a water cooler.

Enter the Hisense FMN432A20C Fridge Freezer which we got from – it ticked all the boxes and it wasn’t out of our price range.

We’ve been living with the Hisense fridge freezer for getting on for a year yet so I thought I’d film a little video review so you can see why I love it so much…

Do you have an American-style fridge freezer or do you prefer smaller appliances? I’d love to hear what your dream kitchen appliance would be too. Oh, and if you’d like to see a full tour of the rest of our kitchen you can find it here.

Hisense Fridge Freezer review