Living Arrows 43/52 (2022)

Well, it’s been a while! I’m a bit disappointed that after 9 years of writing these Living Arrows posts (almost) every week I’ve missed so many in a row. But sometimes life just gets in the way and there’s not really any point in getting annoyed at myself about it…

We haven’t really been doing anything especially exciting with our time while I’ve been gone. I did have a very fun solo weekend in London seeing some shows and visiting the Harry Potter Studio tour, and then the following weekend I was on a Scout leader training course which meant another two nights away.

AToby’s photo this week was taken a few weeks ago on our Cub visit to the local fire station. The kids all had a great time learning about fire safety and getting to have a go with the hoses!

Toby in Cub uniform giving a thumbs up in front of a fire engine

I think I mentioned last week that the boys are enjoying their swimming lessons every week. They’ve been so disrupted over the last few years, first with the pandemic and then, after making great progress at our local pool last autumn, the roof blew off the building and it’s been closed ever since! We started lessons at another pool in the summer and both boys have been doing really well since. Gabe finally moved to Stage 2 after being in Stage 1 for nearly 3 years! And then in just 6 weeks he finished Stage 2 and has moved to Stage 3!!

Gabe holding his star

In other news, we had parent’s evening for both boys this last week and they’re both doing really well in their new classes which is always good to hear. And now we’ve made it to half term. I don’t know about Toby and Gabe but I’m definitely ready for a week off! We haven’t got many plans – the boys have got a day at Street Monkeys holiday camp, and we’re planning a day out in Liverpool at the end o the week but other than that there’ll just be plenty of time relaxing at home and hopefully recovering a bit of energy ready for the return to school next week.

This is my ninth year taking part in this linky celebrating childhood, based on a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” .

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Living Arrows

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  1. You’ve been so busy recently. I completely understand about life getting in the way. I love that you go off on solo adventures. I might do the same! x

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