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Here we go again… Yes, I am once again attempting to lose some weight. Having had two babies in the last four years, and pretty much not had a full night’s sleep in all that time I am currently about two and a half stone more than I would like to be. I know I need to change my eating habits and my attitude to food if I am ever going to lose weight and keep it off but with so much to lose I would like a bit of a kick start first. And so when Shake That Weight got in touch and asked if I would like to try their products I was happy to give it a try.

Shake That Weight is a meal replacement diet, and although I am familiar with this kind of diet and have tried them before they all work a little differently. There is a tool on the Shake That Weight website which enables you to put in your height, weight and exercise levels and they will recommend which of their plans would work best for you.

Shake That Weight Products

The tool recommended the Woman Plan for me, which is a Total Food Replacement plan. This means four Shake That Weight products a day and no ‘conventional’ food. I am going to try this for the first couple of days but after that I would like to be able to eat with the rest of the family so I will be following the Woman with Meal plan. This is three meal replacements a day, plus a 400 calorie meal. I can also have one of the Shake That Weight snacks each day if I want.

There are quite a large selection of meal replacement products available from shakes, soups and bars, to noodles and even fresh ready meals. I have ordered a variety of different products to try and will be trying them over the next four weeks. Ordering was easy and I liked how the shopping basket on the website let you know how many days worth of products you had added, and also how many more products you would need to add to take advantage of the Buy More, Save More offers.

I’ll be reporting back on my progress when the four weeks are up and you can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more regular updates.

I am also giving you the chance to win two week’s worth of Shake That Weight products for yourself. All you need to do to enter is complete the Rafflecopter below.

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Giveaway ends 9/7/2017

Open to UK residents aged 18 and over only

Prize provided by Shake That Weight

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75 thoughts on “Introducing Shake That Weight // Giveaway

  1. caramel delight sounds just for me! πŸ™‚ ive struggled so long its time to lose the weight! im willing to see it through!!! never tried this sort of thing or regime! πŸ™‚
    ALL IS CROSSED Thanks for the chance x

  2. I am amazed by the vegetarian options! !Blazing Beef Chilli Noodles for vegetarians- would love to give this one a try!

  3. The caramel shake would go down well as that’s my favourite flavour. I also wouldn’t feel like I was letting my sweet tooth down :-). Thank you

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