Geomag Gravity Magnetic Track // Review (AD)

Toby and Gabe both love science and STEM toys are a big part of that. They absolutely love magnets playing with magnetic toys at the moment – we have a few different kinds of building sets. When the people from Geomag got in touch and asked if the boys would like to try their Gravity Magnetic Track (affiliate link) it sounded like it would be right up their street!

Geomag Gravity Magnetic Track

Geomag Gravity Magnetic Track

Geomag have been making magnetic toys for over 20 years. They make all kinds of construction sets as well as the Gravity range which this Magnetic Track is a part of. There are several different Gravity sets which can all be used in conjunction with one another. The Magnetic Track is the smallest of the sets but even so still has 115 pieces in the box!

What’s in the box?

115 Pieces in the Gravity Magnetic Track

According to the box this is set is suitable for children aged 7+. Toby just turned 7 last weekend and is generally very good at following instructions and building things. He can build even the most complicated Lego sets by himself. This set is quite fiddly to construct though and he needed quite a lot of help to make the tracks. He could easily play with the track once it was built though.

Toby playing with the Geomag Magnetic Track

This set has a fantastic ‘magnetic cannon’ which can shoot the metal balls up the sloped track. It was a big hit with Toby – it was probably his favourite part of the whole set.

The magnetic cannon

Instructions and Versatility

This set comes with instructions to build two different tracks. The first, which you can see below, was relatively straight forward to put together and worked straight away. However, the second track had a gap that the ball was supposed to jump and we couldn’t get it to work no matter how many times we tried!

Geomag Magnetic Track in action

Neither of the two tracks use all the pieces in the box and the idea is that you can create your own set ups as well. Although there are 115 pieces in the set this still proved a bit tricky! We did also look at the Geomag app (you can find it in the App Store or on Google Play) which has more building instructions but unfortunately they all seem to need more pieces than we had in this set.

The Verdict

Toby really enjoyed playing with the Geomag Gravity Magnetic Track once it was built but it was a little bit too tricky for him to build it by himself. As this is the smallest of these sets we did find it a bit limiting but I think it would be great to add to any exisiting Geomag sets that you already have, or as a place to start when building up a bigger collection.

I think at this age Toby would get more play value out of some of the other Geomag construction sets. The Gravity Track has a couple of the metal rods that form the basis of the Classic Geomag along with the steel balls and he has played with these a lot more than with the track itself.

If you have a child who loves STEM and especially magnetic construction then I would definitely recommend looking at Geomag – they have something for everyone!

**Disclosure: We were provided with a Geomag set in exchange for this post. As always all opinions are my own

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