Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (July 2020)

All of us sitting in front of our tent with a fire pit in front of us.

It doesn’t seem like it was very long ago that I was writing our last Me & Mine post at the end of June. As I mentioned then, Gabe went back to school for three weeks from the beginning of July, before finishing for the summer holidays on the 17th. After the long months we’ve spent in lock down since March, July has felt like the most ‘normal’ month we’ve had for a long time.

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Geomag Gravity Magnetic Track // Review (AD)

Toby playing with the Geomag Magnetic Track

Toby and Gabe both love science and STEM toys are a big part of that. They absolutely love magnets playing with magnetic toys at the moment – we have a few different kinds of building sets. When the people from Geomag got in touch and asked if the boys would like to try their Gravity Magnetic Track (affiliate link) it sounded like it would be right up their street!

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Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (June 2020)

Family selfie outside our house

I am back with another Me & Mine post although in this lock down life we’re living we haven’t really been up to much this month! Despite the rules easing a bit over the last month we haven’t really done anything differently – well not until this last week when Gabe went back to school, more on that in a minute though!

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