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We are definitely past the baby days in our house now (and I can promise we won’t be going back there again!) but if you are expecting the patter of tiny feet soon, or you have a baby in your family then I wanted to share something that you may find very handy to have – the Bounty App.

Bounty app available from the App Store and Google Play

Bounty App

If you’ve ever been pregnant you’ve probably heard of Bounty – they are celebrating their 60th year of supporting new and expectant parents so they really have been around a long time. When I was pregnant with both Toby and Gabe I got my free Bounty packs with lots of sample products and discounts. I also remember using their website for information throughout both my pregnancies.

In 2017 Bounty launched a free app which contains useful hospital-specific information, valuable practical information and expert advice relevant to pregnancy and parenting, which is especially helpful and supportive for new parents.

A wealth of information

I loved tracking my pregnancies and seeing how big the baby was each week and this is a great feature of the Bounty App. I did have an app to to track my pregnancies but that was all it did – the Bounty App does so much more. As well as pregnancy updates it has hundreds of articles on everything from preparing for a baby to sleep support, family health, returning to work and potty training!

There is an absolute wealth of information and what is really great is that it’s all in one place. Even though my boys are a bit older now there is still tons of really useful info on the Bounty App. What is more the articles you see are tailored to your baby’s age and stage so you’ll always be seeing relevant content. And there is new content added every day so you’ll always have something new to read.

The Bounty App

Free samples and discounts

Of course what Bounty are well known for are all the free product samples and discounts they provide in their Pregnancy Information Folder, and the Mum-to-Be and Newborn packs. The app doesn’t replace these packs but provides the ability to save money by taking advantage of free samples, discount vouchers and exclusive offers only available through the app.

For those of you with slightly older children, these offers and discounts aren’t only for baby products – there are discounts on car seats, financial services, toys and crafts and even holidays! There are definitely discounts that we could use as a family, and there are new ones added all the time so I know I’ll be keeping an eye on the app from now on.

Hospital specific information

One other feature on the Bounty App which definitely wasn’t around when I was pregnant is the hospital specific information. You simply choose the hospital you will be giving birth at and the app allows you to record your midwife’s details and then access all the leaflets and information about pregnancy, birth and children that your hospital normally provides.

I think this is such a great idea! I remember coming home with more leaflets every time I went to hospital or saw my midwife and they all ended up stuffed in my maternity notes folder never to be looked at again. It would be so much easier to have all these available on my phone, and it would save on all that paper waste too!

Download the app

Whether you are expecting your first baby or already have children like me then I would definitely recommend you download the Bounty App. And I’m not the only one – almost 70% of UK maternity / prenatal clinics / hospitals recommend the download of the App to pregnant women.

You can download the Bounty App from the App Store or Google Play.

**Disclosure: This is a paid post. All opinions are my own.

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