Geomag Confetti magnetic contruction set // Review (AD)

I’ve written before about how much Toby and Gabe love science and especially STEM toys like this magnetic construction set from Geomag. In fact we reviewed the Geomag Gravity Track set a few months ago which the boys really enjoyed playing with. And so when we were given the chance to add the Geomag Confetti set to their collection of magnetic toys we were delighted to accept.

Geomag Confetti 83 piece set

Geomag Confetti – What’s in the box?

Confetti is part of the Geomag Classic range and it is available in a variety of different sized packs. We were sent the 83 piece set (currently selling on Amazon for £50 – affiliate link) which has 28 magnetic bars, 24 metal spheres, 16 triangle panels, 12 square panels, 2 pentagons and a square support base.

Often with these sets there aren’t quite enough pieces to build anything substantial but this set contains plenty of elements to keep even the most creative of young minds busy.

Building with Geomag Classic

Toby and Gabe building with Geomag Confetti

This Geomag set is aimed at ages 3+ and so at 5 and 7, Gabe and Toby and the perfect ages to enjoy it. It is really easy to make all kinds of models and shapes with magnetic bars and metal balls. The plastic panels are a bit trickier to use because they don’t actually attach to the other parts so need to be put into the constructions quite carefully.

The beauty of this construction set is that it can adapt and grow dependent on the age of the children playing with it. Younger children can easily build 2D shapes on a flat surface, like this stick man that Gabe made.

Gabe made a stick man from the Geomag magnetic STEM toy

The set does come with some basic instructions but both Toby and Gabe mostly just like to use their imaginations and see what they can come up with. Toby made a little house, and then decided to see how many extra balls he could attach to the top before the magnet wasn’t strong enough to hold them.

Toby's Geomag house

Would we recommend Geomag magnetic construction toys?

Yes, definitely! Geomag construction sets may seem a little expensive for what you get but they are one of the only toys that will drag my boys away from their beloved screens.

Geomag Spinning Top

And Geomag isn’t just a toy – while they’re building the boys are learning about shapes, magnetic force and lots more. They’re not just for kids either – I actually love building with them too! They can be used over and over again, building something different every time. The only limit is your imagination.

**Disclosure: We were sent this Geomag set in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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