Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (June 2020)

Family selfie outside our house

I am back with another Me & Mine post although in this lock down life we’re living we haven’t really been up to much this month! Despite the rules easing a bit over the last month we haven’t really done anything differently – well not until this last week when Gabe went back to school, more on that in a minute though!

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Living Arrows 25/52 (2020)

Gabe in the bath

I’m back again, albeit a little late this week. This is mostly because I hadn’t taken any pictures of Toby and Gabe at all last week so I had to wait until I had some to use. Lock down restrictions might be easing around the country but everything is still continuing the same as it has been around here for the last 12 or 13 weeks (or however long it’s been now!)

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Shopping for Gifts from Home

Two silver fingerprint pendants on a chain

Advertorial Feature

While we’re all at home during this coronavirus pandemic and the shops are closed a lot of us have had to turn to online shopping even more than usual. If you have family birthdays or other celebrations during lock down then you might have to get creative with where you buy gifts. I wanted to share a few ideas you might not have thought of when shopping for gifts from home.

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Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (May 2020)

Me & Mine May 2020 Family selfie at the top of Nicky Nook

I’m finally back with a Me & Mine post! I knew I hadn’t written one for a while but when I looked back it turns out I haven’t done one since January! I just didn’t get round to taking any family pictures in February and then lock down came at the end of March and until the last few days we haven’t been anywhere at all.

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