Living Arrows 11/52 (2019)

Gabe on the slide at the park

We’ve not done much this week. The weather has been awful, like much of the rest of the country, so apart from school, swimming lessons and Gabe’s singing group and soft play we haven’t really been anywhere.

There’s been a lot of LEGO play this week, and a fair bit of screen time but the boys have been happy and have actually been playing really well together lately. It seems at three and a half Gabe is now getting big enough to play with Toby without always being the annoying baby brother. Of course they still squabble but it is getting better…. long may it continue!

Toby on a see saw at the park

After being stuck inside for most of the week with the rainy weather, yesterday the sun came out so we all went to the park for a bit of fresh air. Gabe had been asking to go all week but it was always either raining or just not a great time of day so when we actually had a chance to go we had to make the most of it.

Gabe on the slide at the park

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Living Arrows

Updating my spring / summer wardrobe

Me in my new Lucy & Yak dungarees

**Advertorial Feature

OK, OK, don’t shoot me – I know it’s only March and as I sit here wrapped in a blanket as the rain pours outside I know it seems like we’re a long way from summer but with that unseasonably warm weather we had a few weeks ago my thoughts are turning to my spring / summer wardrobe. Read more

Vitl nutritional DNA test // Review

Vitl nutritional DNA test

**This is an unpaid review. All opinions are my own

Back in October last year I got an email that intrigued me. It was from a company called Vitl who specialise in DNA testing specifically focused on nutrition. The results of their DNA test can help you understand how your genes may affect your ability to achieve a healthy weight, or which vitamins your body may find difficult to process. Read more