Living Arrows 38/52 (2021)

Gabe inside a big wooden shelter he made in the woods

It’s been another full on week of work and school here. Last weekend though we did manage to fit in some outdoor time – although it’s getting more autumnal by the day we were really lucky with the weather all weekend.

On Saturday afternoon we went to forest school for a play in the woods. I mostly sat on a bench with a cup of coffee and let the boys get on with it. The woods where we go are relatively small, and fully fenced too, so I know the boys are safe to just wander off and play without me.

The only time I had to intervene was when they were squabbling about who’s turn it was to go on the slack line…

Toby balancing on a slack line between two trees in the woods

On Sunday both the boys had their Street Monkeys sessions as usual but I also took Gabe to an outdoor birthday party. It took a bit of logistical juggling to get him there (and made me realise that having two cars is still useful even though I keep saying we should get rid of one of them).

Gabe inside a big wooden shelter he made in the woods

The children all had a great time exploring and made this massive shelter – we can’t take much credit though; we were a bit late and they’d already done most of it by the time we got there! It was good to get out in the fresh air for a bit and for me to catch up with some of the other parents. Now I’m working at school I don’t get to see anyone at the school gates other than for a quick hello because we go straight into school in the mornings and the boys come and wait at my classroom at the end of the day so I’m missing those daily chats I used to get.

Anyway, that’s all for now. We’re all tired this weekend so planning a quiet one at home mostly – apparently Gabe wants to start watching the Star Wars films so we’re going with it!

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Living Arrows 37/52 (2021)

Toby in a green Cub jumper holding a yellow 'Cub of the Week badge

So apparently going back to work pretty much full time doesn’t leave much time for anything else, especially writing blog posts! The last week seems to have flown by – with full days at school and they trying to fit everything else in in the few hours between coming home and bed time it feels like I barely have time to stop for more than five minutes!

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Living Arrows 35/52 (2021)

Toby holding a big stick over his shoulder as if he is ready to throw it like a javelin

It’s time for another quick Living Arrows post from me… I really need to get to bed because the boys (and me) are back to school tomorrow and I’m really trying to go to bed at a sensible time! I mentioned in my last post that we were about to go away for a camping weekend with friends and both of this week’s pictures were taken while we were away.

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Living Arrows 33/52 (2021)

Gabe with his mouth wide open, he looks like he is shouting at the camera

After our holiday two weeks ago we had a quieter week at home last week with a mixture of days at home and a few activities out of the house. To be honest the boys would quite happily just stay at home the whole time if they were allowed to just watch TV and play video games all the time but I do like to get them to do other things every once in a while!

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Living Arrows 29/52 (2021)

Close up of Toby wearing a green cap

Hello! I’m back again. It’s only a few days since I wrote my last Living Arrows post but I wanted to try and get back on schedule. It’s the first day of the summer holidays here, and like much of the country it’s roasting! We are not massive lovers of the heat so at the moment we’re hiding inside with all the curtains shut…although Gabe has been asking to get the paddling pool out so I’m going to do that soon.

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