Living Arrows 36/52 (2020)

Toby on his first day in Year 3

Well we finally got there. After nearly 6 months off school, last week Toby and Gabe both went back to school full time. I’m so proud of how well they have coped with all the time at home and everything that has gone on since March but I think it was a relief to all of us when they walked back through their classroom doors on Wednesday.

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Living Arrows 35/52 (2020)

Gabe with his hair sticking up on the trampoline

One more day to go! Tomorrow Toby and Gabe are both going back to school and if I’m honest, I can’t wait! They both really need to get back to the routine of school, seeing their friends, engaging their brains and not spending 24 hours a day with each other. And I’m just looking forward to a few hours of peace and quiet.

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Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (July 2020)

All of us sitting in front of our tent with a fire pit in front of us.

It doesn’t seem like it was very long ago that I was writing our last Me & Mine post at the end of June. As I mentioned then, Gabe went back to school for three weeks from the beginning of July, before finishing for the summer holidays on the 17th. After the long months we’ve spent in lock down since March, July has felt like the most ‘normal’ month we’ve had for a long time.

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