Games you can play when camping or on the go

Playing cricket on the beach

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As the weather begins to get warmer, many of us are beginning to spend much more of our time outdoors and are looking forward to holidays and short breaks. Doing so, particularly if there are children in the mix, means fun, games and laughter. Here we review some ideas for games you can play when camping or when on the go. Read more

Introducing new Richmond chicken sausages // Win £25 to spend at Tesco

The Nation's favourite sausage recipes with a twist

Everyone loves sausages right? They are one of the few things I can guarantee that Toby and Gabe will eat! Actually though, I’m not a big fan of pork sausages so I usually have chicken sausages that my mum gets from her local butchers – they only make them once a week though, and often sell out. So when I was invited to the launch of the new Richmond chicken sausages I was keen to see if they could compete with the ones I usually get, and with the added bonus of being able to just pick them up in the supermarket! Read more

Great holiday destinations with kids

Dipping toes in the sea in France - great holiday destination with kids

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If you’re looking to take the kids away this year, the biggest challenge is figuring out where to go. No parent wants to deal with long-haul flights, especially if they have young children. So, Europe tends to be a popular option.

To help you decide where your next family-friendly holiday should be, below you can discover some of the best destinations to consider. Read more

Becoming a work at home mum // A decision

Return to work - deciding to stay at home

As some of you may know before I had Gabe I was working as a Modern Languages teacher – I taught French and Spanish in secondary schools before we moved back to the north west from Scotland. Had we stayed in Scotland I probably would have gone back to work after my maternity leave finished when Gabe was one. But moving house changed things, and we’re now two years on and I still haven’t gone back to teaching. It’s seems it’s time to make a decision. Read more

Top tips for taking care of your feet

Feet in flip flops

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Our feet are, quite literally, the foundation of our everyday life. But far too often, we’ll take them for granted – that is until we develop blisters, sores, unexplained pains or, heaven-forbid, a bunion or two!

But it’s really easy to take care of these precious assets (regardless of how ET-like your toes may be!).

So, here are some top tips on how you can keep your feet looking and feeling great: Read more

The ultimate toolkit for DIY and gardening novices

DIY toolkit

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They say a workman is only as good as his, or her,  tools, and this is no less true than when you’re doing work around your home and garden. 

From choosing the right footwear to arming yourself with all the right equipment, this must-have list of tools should have you finding yourself well on your way to DIY perfection – in the home and garden. Having lived on my own for 8 years before I met Barry I amassed quite a collection of DIY and gardening equipment but if you’re just starting out in your own home then this is the list for you! Read more