What Toby Wore // Indikidual & Turtledove London

I’m back with another What Toby Wore post today. When Toby was about 10 months old I came across a whole world of fabulous kids clothes beyond the high street and the supermarket, where most of his clothes came from up to that point. I can’t really remember how I discovered them but suddenly I fell down the rabbit hole of independent retailers and boys clothes that weren’t all blue and grey!

One of the first things I bought from an independent retailer was these Indikidual banana leggings from the lovely Jenny at KyNa Boutique. And the fab thing about buying from independent retailers is that you get a really personal service. The clothes always arrive beautifully packaged, super quickly, and postage and packing is usually free!

Baby Indikidual banana leggings

So anyway, it was a sad day when Toby grew out of these leggings Read more

What Toby Wore // Albababy

I’ve not done a ‘What the kids wore’ post for ages, and I actually took these pictures a while ago. I kept forgetting about them but noticed them the other day so I am finally getting round to writing this post.

I absolutely love Albababy clothes but the boys don’t have many as they are a bit on the expensive side. I’ve posted before about Gabe’s Albababy dungarees and he’s actually still wearing these now. Toby has got a long sleeve top that matches these dungarees too.

Toby in Albababy velour

In today’s post though Toby is wearing the Hamody button pants and Habian hooded blouse – I bought them both when they were on offer, and they are currently reduced at Dapper Baby where I got them, although there aren’t many sizes left. Read more

What Toby Wore // Rockin’ Baby

Back in April we were sent some lovely clothes for Toby and Gabe from the Rockin’ Baby Spring/ Summer collection so when they launched the Autumn/ Winter collection and asked if would like to feature something I jumped at the chance.

Toby is very happy with his new Rockin' Baby coat

This time Toby was sent this brilliant Bug Print rain mac. I love the colours of this coat – mustard is one of my absolute favourites at the moment. The bug print is fabulous – it met with Toby’s approval too which is more important now he’s three and has plenty of his own opinions about his clothes!

Rockin' Baby rain mac

Bug Print rain mac

We decided to head out into the garden for a photoshoot and to see if we could have our own mini-beast adventure.

Toby looking for mini beasts in his Rockin' Baby bug print rain mac

The Rockin' Baby bug print rain mac is great for exploring



Toby is wearing age 4-5 and I would say it’s pretty true to size – it fits him well and he is a big three year old. The rain mac is really well made – it’s fully fleece lined, even the sleeves, which I really like.



The seams are all bound to make them really comfy, and the hood is a sensible size and stays up easily. I can’t comment on the waterproof-ness of the rain mac as we haven’t had any rain since we got it but it certainly kept Toby toasty out in the garden. We haven’t used our garden much since we moved but Toby really enjoyed exploring – even if we didn’t actually find any mini-beasts! He did have a go at practising his ‘feelers out, what’s about?’ pose from the CBeebies Mini-Beast Adventure programme.


The really great thing about all Rockin’ Baby clothing is that for every item that is bought another is given to a child in China or West Africa.

Toby loves his new bug print rain mac and so do I – I’m actually very tempted to get him the matching wellies too!


We also have one Rockin’ Baby Blue Stripe rain mac in age 3-4 to give away.


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**Disclosure: We were sent the featured clothing for the purposes of this post but all opinions are my own.

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What Toby & Gabe Wore // Rockin’ Baby SS16

In this week’s post I’m featuring some fabulous outfits sent to us by the wonderful people at Rockin’ Baby. Perhaps best known for their slings and pouches, Rockin’ Baby have branched out to include children’s wear and the items we were sent come from the new Spring/Summer collection.

Rockin Baby SS16

Rockin’ Baby is based in the USA and in 2011 they started their Mother-to-Mother programme – for every sling or pouch they sell, they donate another to a mother in need in Haiti or Kenya. When they launched their clothing collection they wanted to spread this help even further, so for every item of clothing they sell they will donate one to a child in need in China or West Africa.

Rockin Baby Child to Child

So by buying Rockin’ Baby clothes you are not only making sure your own child is comfortable and looks fabulous, you are also helping a child in need somewhere else in the world.

We had a lovely sunny day this week so Toby and Gabe were really able to put their outfits to the test out in the garden. Toby was sent these lovely anchor print joggers and amazing walrus tee-shirt.

Toby catching bubbles

Toby is just moving into age 3-4 clothes and these have plenty of growing room. I did think that the joggers have a slightly odd cut – they are really baggy round the bum but then have very tight ankle cuffs. They look great though, and most importantly they didn’t fall down despite Toby’s skinny-ness! The tee-shirt is a combination of print and embroidery – I think the walrus looks awesome, and I like the little details like the embroidered green star on the sleeve.

Rockin Baby is perfect for sliding

Toby definitely seemed very comfortable in his new Rockin’ Baby outfit and had no complaints when he was chasing bubbles around the garden!

Toby chasing bubbles in Rockin Baby

Gabe’s outfit is just perfect for summer – I love the stripes and applique ice lolly tee-shirt. Like most of Gabe’s clothes his new Rockin’ Baby outfit is 9-12 months and I would say it is pretty true to size. The tee-shirt has handy poppers on the neck making it easy to get on and off and the trousers had plenty of room for his cloth bum.

Gabe watching Toby

Gabe seemed very comfortable too – although he wasn’t such a willing model, especially to begin with. This picture may look like Toby and Gabe are looking at something interesting in the bush but I mostly chose it because you couldn’t see Gabe’s very grumpy face!

Toby and Gabe in Rockin Baby

He did cheer up a bit later though and I was able to get a few better pictures!

Gabe enjoying the bubbles in Rockin Baby

Both boys were loving the bubble in the garden and Toby had such fun with the bubble machine – it can be a bit fierce sometimes though!

The bubbles are going to get me

I think he enjoyed it more when he was carrying it around – although I had to keep reminding him not to blow bubbles right in Gabe’s face!

Bubble machines are the best

**Disclaimer: We were sent the featured products in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

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What Gabe Wore // Albababy

Another Scandinavian brand this week – this one is Albababy from Denmark. I’ve only recently discovered Albababy and I love their clothes but they are not cheap so at the moment these crawlers (or dungarees to you and me) are the only item we own. I’m keeping my eye out for sales and hoping I can maybe pick up a few more bits too.
Gabe in Albababy crawlers

I bought these Gedashy crawlers back in February from Oh Dorothy and they are size 80cm which is roughly 9-12 months. They are still pretty big on Gabe but he can just about get away with wearing them with the leg cuffs turned up and at £29 I wanted to make sure they would last a while!

He is wearing them with a red long sleeve bodysuit by Maxomorra (which is also too big really) and some red socks which were Toby’s and I’ve no idea where they came from!

Albababy Gedashy crawlers

I think Gabe was mid arm flap in this photo – he’s a very flappy baby!

What Toby & Gabe Wore // Gap

I’m not usually a big fan of clothes with logos or brand names on them but I am a bit of a sucker for a Gap hoodie. And we all know how I love a bit of twinning! We’ve got a Gap outlet not that far from us and I picked these two up when Gabe was only a couple of months old. To be honest they’re still a bit big for both of them but I thought I’d give them a try – and I think they fit well enough to get away with it.

Twinning in Gap hoodies

I was trying to get Toby to put his arm round Gabe in this next picture but he wasn’t convinced it was a good idea I don’t think….

Brothers in matching Gap hoodies

And this is Toby being affectionate – I think he thinks Gabe is a dog with the amount he pats him on the head!

A pat on the head for Gabe


What Gabe Wore // Pigeon Organics

It’s Gabe’s turn this week and he’s wearing this lovely elephant romper from Pigeon Organics. I actually bought the badger one first for Christmas and I liked it so much I bought the elephant one too.

Pigeon Organics romper

The rompers are made from lovely thick 100% organic cotton. The elephant romper that Gabe is wearing here has poppers right down the front but not on the legs which is a little bit odd but you can get his legs out to change a nappy without having to take the whole thing off. The badger one does have leg poppers but needs to go on over the head.

Pigeon Organics Elephant Romper

I love the fold over feet on these rompers too. They’re just like the fold over arms you often see but they mean that the romper can either have covered or open feet. Although Gabe is already too big for the feet to fold over – this is a photo from a couple of months ago…

Pigeon Organics romper fold over feet

I do think these come up a little on the small side – I know I have a very long baby but this is 6-12 months and at not quite 7 months I don’t think Gabe is going to fit in it for much longer. I do love them though so might just have to buy a bigger size!

What Toby Wore // Gray Label salopettes

I’ve already mentioned my new found love of all things Scandi when it comes to clothes for the boys. Well, this week I’m featuring a not quite Scandinavian brand; Gray Label (which is actually Dutch).

Gray Label salopettes in grey melange

I umm’d and ahh’d about these dungarees (or salopettes as Gray Label call them) for a quite a while. Toby hasn’t worn dungarees since he was about 18 months so I wasn’t sure what he’d make of them, and I didn’t know how much of a faff they would be with him still in nappies, or if he’s still wearing them when we finally get round to potty training. Added to that they are quite expensive….but then I just loved them so I decided to go for it.

Gray Label salopettes

I do wish they made them in adult sizes though – they look so comfy. There’s certainly plenty of room for Toby’s cloth nappy in that baggy bum! They’re actually really easy to get on and off for nappy changes, there’s just one button at the back for the straps but you don’t even need to undo it to take them off. They should last Toby for a good while too because there are three button holes to adjust the salopettes and he’s got them on the smallest one at the moment.

Gray Label salopettes back view

I’ve just put the salopettes with a white long sleeve vest from Tesco. I’ve found they do look better with a poppered vest because a t-shirt just comes un-tucked really easily. Toby has a few of these vests in age 2-3 but I’m not sure what we’ll do when they don’t fit any more (and of course they aren’t really practical for potty training either).

Toby’s boots are from Bobux. He loves them and can put them on by himself which is fab, and makes my life ever so slightly easier too.

Gray Label salopettes on two year old Toby

(I don’t know what Toby is doing in this picture but I had to use it – it’s such a great catalogue pose!)

Gray Label is available from a few UK stockists – I got these from The Wee Department Store. I was really tempted to get some for Gabe too but for the amount of time they would fit him for I really couldn’t justify it. I’ll just have to make sure Toby looks after his so we can pass them down eventually. And before that I’ll have to resist buying him more in some of the other colours!

What Toby & Gabe Wore // Hand knitted hoodies

This week’s post features the boys new hoodies, hand-knitted and courtesy of Grandma who came to visit this week. Before Christmas my mum asked if I wanted her to knit anything for the boys – I asked for grey hoodies and she found a pattern. She did start making Gabe’s but then decided it would be too small so pulled it all back…then asked her friend who knits all the time if she would like to make them instead. The sentiment was there though so thanks Mum!

I love the hoodies, they’ve got plenty of growing room in them too so we should be able to wear them for a while. Toby loves his too and he really likes trying to fasten and undo the toggle buttons and he even manages it sometimes!

The hoodies have seen a trip to the little park at the top of our road this week (where Gabe had his first go on a swing too).


Toby loved having his hood up (and I think he looks super cute)


And finally the boys had their first go in a big trolley together this week too! Of course we all know that twinning is winning and I think they look adorable together.