What Toby Wore // Indikidual & Turtledove London

I’m back with another What Toby Wore post today. When Toby was about 10 months old I came across a whole world of fabulous kids clothes beyond the high street and the supermarket, where most of his clothes came from up to that point. I can’t really remember how I discovered them but suddenly I fell down the rabbit hole of independent retailers and boys clothes that weren’t all blue and grey!

One of the first things I bought from an independent retailer was these Indikidual banana leggings from the lovely Jenny at KyNa Boutique. And the fab thing about buying from independent retailers is that you get a really personal service. The clothes always arrive beautifully packaged, super quickly, and postage and packing is usually free!

Baby Indikidual banana leggings

So anyway, it was a sad day when Toby grew out of these leggings (although they do still fit Gabe, just about) so when Indikidual brought out a new version of their banana leggings I couldn’t not buy a new pair. That was months ago though and when they first arrived Toby refused to wear them because he said they were too big – though that was without him even trying them on. To be fair they did look very long – I had bought age 5-6 because Toby is so tall. Anyway, I put them in the cupboard and had almost forgotten about them…

Toby wearing Indikidual banana leggings

But then Toby had a growth spurt, none of his other leggings really fit him anymore so I thought I’d give him another try….and he loves them! I managed to grab a few pictures on our front lawn just before we were heading out to stay and play at the gymnastics gym the other day.

Turtle Dove London Hello tee shirt

Toby’s Hello tee is from Turtledove London – I don’t think they do them in black anymore but they have them in a lovely mint green colour (which I have stashed for Toby in the next size). I’m going to have to find him another black t-shirt I think because this one is getting a bit small and I don’t know what else you would put with the banana leggings really.

Indikidual banana legs

If I’m honest these leggings are still a bit big for Toby – I had to turn the waist band over at the top because he’s so skinny. Hopefully it will mean we get plenty of use out of them though. The material is really soft and stretchy so Toby was really comfortable in them anyway.

Toby the rockstar in Indikidual banana leggings

I think he looks like a bit of a rock star!

Oh, and seeing as I’ve done two What Toby Wore posts in a row I didn’t want Gabe to be too left out. I love my boys in leggings – they’re just so practical and comfortable for them. Gabe’s woodland leggings are awesome, and they’re from The Princess and the Frock. We’ve had quite a lot of leggings from them over the last few years – I can’t wait until Toby’s pink flamingo leggings fit Gabe!

Toby and Gabe - Boys in leggings

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    1. They can be expensive (and I’m a sucker for twinning too!) but I try to only buy when there are sales or offers on. And most of this stuff has good resale value after too 🙂

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