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I’ve not done a ‘What the kids wore’ post for ages, and I actually took these pictures a while ago. I kept forgetting about them but noticed them the other day so I am finally getting round to writing this post.

I absolutely love Albababy clothes but the boys don’t have many as they are a bit on the expensive side. I’ve posted before about Gabe’s Albababy dungarees and he’s actually still wearing these now. Toby has got a long sleeve top that matches these dungarees too.

Toby in Albababy velour

In today’s post though Toby is wearing the Hamody button pants and Habian hooded blouse – I bought them both when they were on offer, and they are currently reduced at Dapper Baby where I got them, although there aren’t many sizes left.

I actually bought the trousers first and Toby refused to wear them. I think he thought the baggy style was a bit odd! He saw them in the wardrobe a couple of months after I bought them though and he wanted to wear them, and now he loves them. I’m not surprised, the velour is so soft and they just look super comfy. I always tend to buy up a size or two for Toby as he is so tall (109 cm at the last check) but he is so skinny too. These trousers are great though as they have an adjustable elastic waist so they don’t fall down!

Toby in Albababy

I really wanted to get the hoody to match the trousers but I couldn’t justify it when it was full price. As soon as it was in a promotion before Christmas though I snapped it up. The pixie hood is just so cute and I think Toby looks adorable in it. Luckily he likes wearing it too.

Toby loves his pixie hood

Even though the boys have some relatively expensive clothes I try not to be too precious about them. I make an exception for Albababy though and Toby only wears these clothes when I know he’s not going anywhere he’s going to get too dirty! On a side note, he doesn’t usually actually wear the trousers and hoody together – I think head to toe velour is a bit much!

Albababy Habian hoody pixie hood

I do love this outfit though and Gabe has got some dungarees in the same velour – I must get them out and see if they fit yet! I’m always keeping my eye on the sales so I can add to our Albababy collection – there are loads more things that I would love to get!

Toby looking out into the garden

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