A new kitchen diner // Room tour

A kitchen diner tour

We moved house back in July last year and we knew that one of the first things we wanted to do was knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and have a new kitchen diner. Luckily we managed to get the house for under the asking price and so that left us with enough money to get the work done fairly quickly. Read more

What Gabe Wore // Albababy

Another Scandinavian brand this week – this one is Albababy from Denmark. I’ve only recently discovered Albababy and I love their clothes but they are not cheap so at the moment these crawlers (or dungarees to you and me) are the only item we own. I’m keeping my eye out for sales and hoping I can maybe pick up a few more bits too.
Gabe in Albababy crawlers

I bought these Gedashy crawlers back in February from Oh Dorothy and they are size 80cm which is roughly 9-12 months. They are still pretty big on Gabe but he can just about get away with wearing them with the leg cuffs turned up and at £29 I wanted to make sure they would last a while!

He is wearing them with a red long sleeve bodysuit by Maxomorra (which is also too big really) and some red socks which were Toby’s and I’ve no idea where they came from!

Albababy Gedashy crawlers

I think Gabe was mid arm flap in this photo – he’s a very flappy baby!

What Toby Wore // Maxomorra

I’ve shared some Maxomorra with you before – we’ve got quite a lot between the two boys. This time it’s Toby’s turn though and he is actually head to toe in Maxomorra today, which might just be a bit much, even for me!

Maxomorra fox leggings with matching stripey top and socks

I love this outfit though – Toby always looks so comfortable in leggings. I got these fox ones a couple of months ago but I couldn’t find anything to put them with. Then when my mum was visiting at the end of February we went to an actual shop that sells Scandi clothing (Funky Rascal in Cupar – run by a Swedish lady nonetheless) and they had this t-shirt in the colours to match the leggings. And when I saw they had matching socks too I couldn’t resist!

I thought it would be sweet to take some photos with Gabe’s fox in them too but Toby insisted we have the elephant as well!

Toby in Maxomorra foxes

This is Toby showing me that elephants go ‘stomp stomp’, hence the blurry foot…

Elephants go stomp stomp

And I’m not quite sure what he was doing with his face here – I think he was maybe trying to trumpet like an elephant. I love the cheeky look he’s got in his eyes though.

Toby's cheeky face in Maxomorra striped top

There’s plenty more Maxomorra in the boys’ wardrobe so I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m showing you some more!




What Toby Wore // Gray Label salopettes

I’ve already mentioned my new found love of all things Scandi when it comes to clothes for the boys. Well, this week I’m featuring a not quite Scandinavian brand; Gray Label (which is actually Dutch).

Gray Label salopettes in grey melange

I umm’d and ahh’d about these dungarees (or salopettes as Gray Label call them) for a quite a while. Toby hasn’t worn dungarees since he was about 18 months so I wasn’t sure what he’d make of them, and I didn’t know how much of a faff they would be with him still in nappies, or if he’s still wearing them when we finally get round to potty training. Added to that they are quite expensive….but then I just loved them so I decided to go for it.

Gray Label salopettes

I do wish they made them in adult sizes though – they look so comfy. There’s certainly plenty of room for Toby’s cloth nappy in that baggy bum! They’re actually really easy to get on and off for nappy changes, there’s just one button at the back for the straps but you don’t even need to undo it to take them off. They should last Toby for a good while too because there are three button holes to adjust the salopettes and he’s got them on the smallest one at the moment.

Gray Label salopettes back view

I’ve just put the salopettes with a white long sleeve vest from Tesco. I’ve found they do look better with a poppered vest because a t-shirt just comes un-tucked really easily. Toby has a few of these vests in age 2-3 but I’m not sure what we’ll do when they don’t fit any more (and of course they aren’t really practical for potty training either).

Toby’s boots are from Bobux. He loves them and can put them on by himself which is fab, and makes my life ever so slightly easier too.

Gray Label salopettes on two year old Toby

(I don’t know what Toby is doing in this picture but I had to use it – it’s such a great catalogue pose!)

Gray Label is available from a few UK stockists – I got these from The Wee Department Store. I was really tempted to get some for Gabe too but for the amount of time they would fit him for I really couldn’t justify it. I’ll just have to make sure Toby looks after his so we can pass them down eventually. And before that I’ll have to resist buying him more in some of the other colours!

What Toby & Gabe Wore // Polarn O. Pyret

In last week’s What Gabe Wore post I mentioned my love for the Scandi brands, and when I was looking for Christmas pyjamas for the boys I found myself looking at Polarn O. Pyret. PO.P is a Swedish brand and it means ‘Buddy and the Little One’. I was initially drawn to all their stripes but when I was trying to find an all-in-one that they had in sizes to fit both Toby and Gabe I came across these stars…

Twinning is winning

Now they weren’t exactly cheap (£21 each if I remember rightly) but they should at least last a while. Both boys have got the the leg and arm cuffs turned up but as you can see there isn’t a lot of room left in the body for either of them. They both are on the 91st centile for height but it seems most of it is in the length of their bodies so finding sleepsuits/ onesies that fit can be a bit of a struggle!

Polarn O Pyret

(This picture was Toby pointing at the camera to try and make Gabe look in the right direction!)

The other fab thing about these onesies is that they have zips which go all the way down from the neck to the bottom of one leg. No more messing about with poppers but still easy access for nappy changes.

Laughing brothers

I know Toby and Gabe won’t let me put them in matching clothes forever so I’m going to take the opportunities wherever I can get them for now! Twinning is winning after all…