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It’s Gabe’s turn this week and he’s wearing this lovely elephant romper from Pigeon Organics. I actually bought the badger one first for Christmas and I liked it so much I bought the elephant one too.

Pigeon Organics romper

The rompers are made from lovely thick 100% organic cotton. The elephant romper that Gabe is wearing here has poppers right down the front but not on the legs which is a little bit odd but you can get his legs out to change a nappy without having to take the whole thing off. The badger one does have leg poppers but needs to go on over the head.

Pigeon Organics Elephant Romper

I love the fold over feet on these rompers too. They’re just like the fold over arms you often see but they mean that the romper can either have covered or open feet. Although Gabe is already too big for the feet to fold over – this is a photo from a couple of months ago…

Pigeon Organics romper fold over feet

I do think these come up a little on the small side – I know I have a very long baby but this is 6-12 months and at not quite 7 months I don’t think Gabe is going to fit in it for much longer. I do love them though so might just have to buy a bigger size!

6 thoughts on “What Gabe Wore // Pigeon Organics

  1. This is gorgeous! We had a Pigeon romper for H when he was teeny and it was the same style on the legs – it really does make nappy changes fairly awkward! I definitely think you have to size up with them too.

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xxx

  2. That is a really cute babygro I actually quite like there are no poppers on the legs as I always get them in a muddle and I’m a big fan of the fold-over feet which are really handy for when they start walking.

  3. Oh he looks so sweet, and such a clever idea on the feet – mine were always through the feet before they’d filled out the body so it would have been perfect. And goodness but doesn’t Pigeon Organics just have the loveliest patterns! We saw their stand at Bubble and it was amazing!

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