Keeping the bedtime routine at Christmas

Two boys sitting on a sofa reading The Night Before Christmas

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When Toby and Gabe were younger we were always quite strict about bedtime. We kept to our routine, even on holiday and for special occasions. This was mostly because both boys really need their sleep and they just didn’t cope well with staying up late. They would be grumpy, and then it would cause problems for at least a day or two after.

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Easy Christmas Card Craft for Kids with Bostik

Christmas Tree Christmas card craft

With Christmas just around the corner Toby and Gabe have been getting crafty and making some easy Christmas cards to send to their grandparents. We used craft materials provided by Bostik to make the cards. In this post I’ll show you which products we used, and how you can make this easy Christmas Card craft for kids too.

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Why Arts and Crafts Are Important for Children

Toby and Gabe painting a fireworks picture together

Arts, crafts and creative exercises have long been an established part of teaching, learning and play for children – but, why exactly are they so important?

It may be easy to think of play and art as simply a pleasurable diversion for children, but it can have a profound impact on their development. Art and play can help children to expand their social and cognitive skills, has a lasting impact on personality and shapes the way that they approach and deal with problems.

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Practical family budgeting tips

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Running the family budget can be a headache. It is not as simple as knowing how much your regular bills add up to and being sure that there is enough money available to cover those. If it was, doing your family budget would take just a few minutes. It is the so-called little things, the day-to-day extras and paying for emergencies that catch you out. Controlling how much you spend on items like that is not easy. But, there are things you can do to make managing this type of expense easier.

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The tools that will help your kids in school

Toby and Gabe on the tablets

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Getting your kids motivated about school is either going to be something that’s totally effortless, or something you have to battle with every single day. Some children are just geared up to love education, and right from the moment they enter big school, they dive right into learning, and soak it all in. But there will be some of you that are really struggling to get your kids motivated about school. They would rather be playing with their friends, watching TV, or just playing with their toys. Read more