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I’ve not done a kids’ style post for ages – mostly because the boys hadn’t really had any new clothes for a while. They are both moving up into the next sizes at the moment which has given me a great excuse to do some shopping! If you like my page on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram then you may have seen me mention Lamb & Bear (now Ada & Alfred) before.

Matching brothers in Lamb & Bear

Toby and Gabe both had the fab Stevie Stegosaurus leggings and Gabe had some crocodiles too. They had both just about outgrown their old leggings but luckily the lovely Alex has just brought out a new collection. I actually pre-ordered the Flaming Flamingos leggings for Gabe (and a matching headband for myself!) and they are so awesome!

Lamb & Bear Flaming Flamingos

At the moment Lamb & Bear leggings finish at age 4-5 years and I didn’t think they would be big enough for Toby but when Alex mentioned they came up big I decided it was worth taking a risk and hoping they fit. And seeing as I was ordering Flamingos for Toby I thought I may as well take advantage of the flat rate postage and order the Raging Rhino leggings for both boys too.

Toby is loving his Rhino leggings

I’m so glad I decided to order the rhinos – they are absolutely amazing! I love the boys in leggings – they always look so comfy and they are perfect for running and jumping, and generally just being an active little kid. All the Lamb & Bear leggings are made from 100% cotton and it’s a lovely thick cotton too. The boys have got lots of other leggings but some of them are made from very thin material and I always worry either that they aren’t very warm, or that they’re going to fall and immediately put holes in the knees!

Gabe doing his best rhino stomp

I love the mustard colour of these leggings and the rhino print is fantastic. It’s easy to find something to match these leggings with as they have grey trim and the print is grey too.

Amazing Lamb & Bear rhino print

The hoodies Toby and Gabe are wearing were knitted by a friend of my mum’s. They’re brilliant and have lasted ages – I think they must have been wearing them almost 18 months – although looking at these pictures I think Gabe’s is finally getting a bit too short to wear any more! In fact I first mentioned them in a blog post back in February last year!

(Don’t ask what they are doing in this photo – apparently these are their sad faces!)

I can’t think of much else to say about these fabulous leggings that I’ve not already said so I’ll just leave you with some more pictures instead…

Toby running in his Lamb & Bear leggings

Toby and Gabe having a race in the garden

Lamb & Bear leggings are great for running

Gabe exploring in his Rhino leggings

These lovely Raging Rhinos can be bought direct from Lamb & Bear along with all the other fab styles.


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4 thoughts on “What Toby & Gabe Wore // Ada & Alfred

  1. Oh thank you so, so much for this lovely review!!! I’m so glad you’re loving the Raging Rhinos (and Flamingos!)

    The boys look fab and OMG I love those knitted hoodies!!!!

    Thanks again lovely xx

  2. Absolutely perfect leggings. Kiddos looking fabulous. I really like the pattern of hoodies, can i get the pattern, i would really want to knit this for my sister’s kid. And many thanks for giving the direction to buy these leggings.

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