What Toby & Gabe Wore // Hand knitted hoodies

This week’s post features the boys new hoodies, hand-knitted and courtesy of Grandma who came to visit this week. Before Christmas my mum asked if I wanted her to knit anything for the boys – I asked for grey hoodies and she found a pattern. She did start making Gabe’s but then decided it would be too small so pulled it all back…then asked her friend who knits all the time if she would like to make them instead. The sentiment was there though so thanks Mum!

I love the hoodies, they’ve got plenty of growing room in them too so we should be able to wear them for a while. Toby loves his too and he really likes trying to fasten and undo the toggle buttons and he even manages it sometimes!

The hoodies have seen a trip to the little park at the top of our road this week (where Gabe had his first go on a swing too).


Toby loved having his hood up (and I think he looks super cute)


And finally the boys had their first go in a big trolley together this week too! Of course we all know that twinning is winning and I think they look adorable together.



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