Living Arrows 10/52 (2016)

Here we are with another week of Living Arrows – and we’re into March already, this year is just flying by!

This week has been pretty miserable for the most part. Gabe has been choked with a cold – it’s been awful not being able to help him. It’s been so bad he even had snot coming out of his eyes, which has now turned into conjunctivitis. Poor little bear. The last few nights haven’t been too bad but most nights last week I ended up sleeping on the sofa with him because the only way he could breath was if he was upright on my shoulder. Aside from his eyes the cold does seem to be improving a little bit so I’m hoping he’s on the mend.

Despite feeling rubbish we have had a few smiles out of Gabe this week. He seems to enjoy being in his high chair (and weaning is still moving along quite well) which means he can stay there for a little while after lunch while I get Toby ready for nursery. I love the concentration on his face in this picture – this toy was Toby’s (and still is if you ask him) and it’s great because it sticks to the high chair so I don’t have to pick it up off the floor every two minutes!

Gabe playing with a bead toy

So far Toby has succumbed to the lurgy beyond a snotty nose so here’s hoping it stays that way! I took this photo of him when I was getting him to pose for last week’s What Toby Wore post but I couldn’t resist using it for this week’s Living Arrows too because he just looks too flipping cute!

10_52 16 T


Living Arrows

What Toby Wore // Gray Label salopettes

I’ve already mentioned my new found love of all things Scandi when it comes to clothes for the boys. Well, this week I’m featuring a not quite Scandinavian brand; Gray Label (which is actually Dutch).

Gray Label salopettes in grey melange

I umm’d and ahh’d about these dungarees (or salopettes as Gray Label call them) for a quite a while. Toby hasn’t worn dungarees since he was about 18 months so I wasn’t sure what he’d make of them, and I didn’t know how much of a faff they would be with him still in nappies, or if he’s still wearing them when we finally get round to potty training. Added to that they are quite expensive….but then I just loved them so I decided to go for it.

Gray Label salopettes

I do wish they made them in adult sizes though – they look so comfy. There’s certainly plenty of room for Toby’s cloth nappy in that baggy bum! They’re actually really easy to get on and off for nappy changes, there’s just one button at the back for the straps but you don’t even need to undo it to take them off. They should last Toby for a good while too because there are three button holes to adjust the salopettes and he’s got them on the smallest one at the moment.

Gray Label salopettes back view

I’ve just put the salopettes with a white long sleeve vest from Tesco. I’ve found they do look better with a poppered vest because a t-shirt just comes un-tucked really easily. Toby has a few of these vests in age 2-3 but I’m not sure what we’ll do when they don’t fit any more (and of course they aren’t really practical for potty training either).

Toby’s boots are from Bobux. He loves them and can put them on by himself which is fab, and makes my life ever so slightly easier too.

Gray Label salopettes on two year old Toby

(I don’t know what Toby is doing in this picture but I had to use it – it’s such a great catalogue pose!)

Gray Label is available from a few UK stockists – I got these from The Wee Department Store. I was really tempted to get some for Gabe too but for the amount of time they would fit him for I really couldn’t justify it. I’ll just have to make sure Toby looks after his so we can pass them down eventually. And before that I’ll have to resist buying him more in some of the other colours!