A guide to a good night’s sleep

Sleeping dog - a guide to a good night's sleep

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Getting a full night of quality rest is important for so many aspects of your life. However it can be really hard to achieve this, especially if you’re a new parent or suffering from stress or anxieties. Lack of sleep can lead to bad memory, shortened attention span, and overall a worse quality of life. There are several things you can do to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, so read these useful hacks to get set in the direction to the land of nod. Read more

Should you get veneers?

Lady at the dentist

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Dentists provide what many doctors can‘t, and it’s one thing that can make or break the first encounter you have with anyone. The gift and the importance of a smile are one we can’t downplay and it really requires effort in keeping a picture perfect look. One way dentists give patients their best smile is by enabling you to have a gorgeous smile using dental veneers if your case requires them. An excellent dentist uses your real teeth as a blueprint to create the perfect match for your natural teeth or dental implants. Read more

How to boost your mental health (And be happier as a result)

How to boost your mental health

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Sometimes the stress of life can become too much. You may find that you are constantly tired and that you are not able to get as much done in the day too. If you want to help yourself then you need to take some time out and you also need to start focusing on yourself. By doing this, you can then feel happier, more confident and productive. Read more

New Exante Vegan shakes // Giveaway & Discount Code (AD)

New Exante Vegan shakes in four flavours

You may have come to my blog previously to find out more about Exante and how I have used their meal replacement products in the past, but today I have news of an exciting new product. I first tried Exante back in 2014. The first time I followed the Total Solution plan and lost 6lb in one week. Since then I have also tried the Flexi Solution and used Exante products to follow a 5:2 intermittent fasting diet. Read more

Updating my spring / summer wardrobe

Me in my new Lucy & Yak dungarees

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OK, OK, don’t shoot me – I know it’s only March and as I sit here wrapped in a blanket as the rain pours outside I know it seems like we’re a long way from summer but with that unseasonably warm weather we had a few weeks ago my thoughts are turning to my spring / summer wardrobe. Read more

2019 // Goals for a new year

I know we’re already a third of the way through January but now the boys are back at school and nursery I’ve finally had chance to sit down and think about my goals for 2019. I haven’t made any New Year’s Resolutions for a long time but for the last few years I have set myself goals and aims for the coming year… and I’ve actually managed to achieve a lot of them! Read more

18 for 2018 // Looking back on last year’s goals

18 for 2018 - Looking back on last year's goals

In January last year I wrote a post about my goals for 2018. I even managed to come up with 18. But now the year is over, and before I write about my goals for 2019, it’s time for me to have a look back on last year’s goals and see how I did. I wrote a similar post in 2017 and managed to meet most of those goals so it will be interesting to see how I fared in 2018. Read more

A child free weekend in London

Travelling to London, feeling ill, Tower Bridge

Back in September it was Barry’s 40th birthday and as a surprise I booked us a child free weekend in London. I booked the train, the hotel and tickets to see Brian and Robin’s Christmas Compendium (a science and comedy show) at the Hammersmith Apollo. Since Toby was born nearly five and a half years ago we have had precisely two nights away as a couple. Read more