Shopping for Gifts from Home

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While we’re all at home during this coronavirus pandemic and the shops are closed a lot of us have had to turn to online shopping even more than usual. If you have family birthdays or other celebrations during lock down then you might have to get creative with where you buy gifts. I wanted to share a few ideas you might not have thought of when shopping for gifts from home.

Try Independent Retailers

A lot of independent retailers have managed to stay open throughout the pandemic. Often they are just individuals working from home so have been able to continue working without having to worry about keeping other staff safe. Etsy is a great place to find people working from home making all sorts of amazing products from clothes to jewellery or home wares.

For my birthday last week I got a fingerprint charm with Gabe’s fingerprint on to match the one I had made with Toby’s print when he was a baby. I ordered it from a seller on Etsy and it was really quick and easy.

Two silver fingerprint pendants on a chain

I also sent my brother a liquorice gift box for his birthday from an online sweet shop. It isn’t something I would normally do but it was much easier than buying something myself and then having to go to the post office to send it.

Use Online Catalogues to Spread the Cost

Finances have taken a hit for a lot of people in the last few months. If you are looking to buy a bigger gift – a games console for the kids for example – then pay monthly catalogues might be a way to help spread the cost rather than having to find the cash up front.

There are online catalogues selling almost anything these days so whether you are buying a gift or something for yourself or your home you’re bound to be able to find one selling what you need with a quick search.

Give Second Hand a Go

There are people selling literally anything you can think of on pre-loved sites such as eBay and Gumtree. Facebook selling pages are a great place to find a bargain too. Often you can pick up children’s toys and games in excellent condition at a fraction of the price of buying them new.

If you search Facebook for selling pages in your local area you’ll be sure to find a few. I’m a member of a local parenting group on Facebook that allows sales on a Sunday and it’s a great place to find good quality second hand items.

Remember that if you are buying and selling on local Facebook groups at the moment you should maintain social distancing measures. I recently sold the boys’ old table and chairs through Facebook and managed to have a contactless experience. I left the table and chairs out on our front garden just before the buyer arrived to collect them haven given them a good wipe down. And instead of the buyer paying cash like usual I received payment through PayPal instead.

Don’t Forget High Street Stores

Although nearly all our high street shops have been closed since the end of March, they nearly all have online options available. It might not be the same as wandering round the shops and seeing what catches your eye but you can still browse online. Many retailers have gift sections on their websites so you can always have a look there for inspiration.

So, whoever you are shopping for, or whatever kind of gift you are looking to buy there is bound to be someone selling what you are looking for online.

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