Living Arrows 8/52 (2017)

The last week has mostly been about continuing to recover from our illnesses of the week before. My tonsillitis is gone now thankfully and although they’re still a bit snotty the boys are feeling much better too.

Gabe has been in the wars a bit this week though – on Monday night I was trying to get the tea ready before Barry got home from work, I gave Gabe some baking trays and dried pasta to play with on the kitchen floor so I could keep an eye on him. Which was fine until Toby decided he would come and play too. Somehow he managed to accidentally whack Gabe right on the forehead with a baking tray and left him with a really nasty looking bruise and a bump too. Then at nursery on Wednesday he fell over when he was playing at the water tray and caught his cheek on the water wheel ending up with a cut there too. He didn’t seem too bothered by either injury but just looked a bit of a mess!

I went to Scotland for a flying visit on Friday night which left me feeling a bit homesick for my old life. I was worried about how Barry would get on with the boys on his own too – when I went away for a night before Christmas Gabe woke up at 11 pm and refused to go back to sleep until 5 am! He managed fine though and although it wasn’t the best night’s sleep for them it was much better than last time.

On Friday morning before I went though I decided to make some rice crispie cakes with the boys. Gabe couldn’t really help too much but I think he enjoyed trying some of the mixture…

Gabe with a face covered in chocolate after making rice crispy cakes

Toby has been lovely this week (not that he’s not usually lovely but…) – he’s been so affectionate, telling everyone he loves them, and giving out lots of cuddles. Toby loves helping me in the kitchen too. I’m rubbish at things like crafting and messy play but cooking and baking is something I really enjoy doing. Toby’s getting to an age now where he can actually help with cooking. Yesterday he helped me prepare our tea – we were having chicken and leek pie so he helped make the pastry (and wash up!). He was actually a superstar at peeling brussels sprouts too. The leek and sprouts came from my dad’s garden yesterday and I really think it’s great for Toby to see where his food comes from and then help prepare it too.

Toby helping to prepare sprouts for tea


Living Arrows

11 thoughts on “Living Arrows 8/52 (2017)

  1. I love the photo, with the baby covered in crispy cake, as I have recently written on cooking with children #living arrows

  2. I love seeing kids helping in the kitchen and i totally get what you’re saying about your old life. I wouldn’t change being a mum for anything but whenever I have a weekend at a festival I always find myself missing the freedom of being young and carefree. J will be grown up soon enough and I’ll find myself missing motherhood of a child I’m sure x #LivingArrows

  3. I love that the veg comes from your Dad’s garden. I agree, it’s great for children to learn about where food comes from – and it’s so nice that he loves helping in the kitchen so much. Your kitchen is making me envious for mine! x

  4. What cuties your boys are! I’m not big on crafts either but am trying harder to get the kids more involved in kitchen. I’m glad you are feeling better and that you sweet Gabe wasn’t bothered much by his injuries.

    I’m terrible at commenting on others blogs but am trying hard to improve. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. Great pictures. Glad that you are starting to feel better, sorry that Gabe has been in the wars – it’s amazing how they bounce back though isn’t it? So great that Toby has been helping you with the cooking. I think it’s such an important thing for kids to do – I need to start doing it more, you’ve inspired me! x

  6. I totally agree that when kids see where food comes from it can make a massive difference. Our children love to pick strawberries in the summer from out of their Grandparents garden.

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