Living Arrows 39/52 (2017)

We survived another week without Daddy, and then almost as soon as he came home I left to spend a night in Manchester and go to the BlogOn conference!

The boys were good for their dad though and Gabe actually slept all night – it’s the first time I’ve ever been away and Barry hasn’t ended up being awake with him for half the night so I was really impressed!

Yesterday Barry took the boys up to the Lake District to see his mum and by all accounts they had a great time. When I got home last night one of the first things Toby said to me was ‘you missed out on all the fun’! Well that’s me told then!

Barry actually took these pictures while the boys were having fun at Nana’s house – I love both their expressions this week. Although please excuse the bits of sandwich in Toby’s mouth, and the slight bogey crust moustache that Gabe is sporting!

Toby doing a big grin, whilst eating a sandwich

Gabe and his cheeky smile

Living Arrows

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