Living Arrows 38/52 (2017)

This week has been all about settling into school – Toby has done his first full week and by all accounts has done really well. His behaviour and attitude at home has been challenging at times but to be honest I was expecting that really. It hasn’t been helped by Barry being away in Germany all week either. He came back on Friday night but then left again yesterday to go back for another week so we’re on our own again.

Yesterday we went to my mum and dad’s for tea, partly to distract the boys from daddy being away, and partly so I didn’t have to cook! Toby and Gabe love playing in my parents’ garden, and my dad always manages to find random bits of pipes and wood and things for them to play with.

I realised when we were there I hadn’t taken any pictures for this week’s Living Arrows so I snapped these on my phone. The sun had finally come out after a week of rain on and off, and it was warm enough to play outside without coats or jumpers. Perhaps summer isn’t quite over yet after all!

I was trying to get Toby to smile for a picture and he was trying to pull grumpy faces – he couldn’t keep it up though and I caught this one of him laughing instead…

Toby laughing in the sunshine

Toby had found a couple of pieces of a broken plastic bucket which he decided were bits of dinosaur egg (every thing is about dinosaurs at the moment!) – I’m not sure Gabe was quite so convinced though…

Gabe inspecting a bit of 'dinosaur egg'

Living Arrows

5 thoughts on “Living Arrows 38/52 (2017)

  1. Oh my gosh Gabe is like a proper little boy. It seems to have happened all of a sudden. I don’t envy Barry being away – I hope the week is passing quickly and he’s back soon – and not away again for a while! x

  2. I love that you caught a laugh between the grumpy faces. My Amy has just started reception too and she is a huge fan of grumpy or funny faces! It’s a huge transition isn’t it? Amy things its torture when I don’t take the car on the school run and shes just so exhausted. Hopefully they will settle quickly and it will get easier. Hope I get chance to say Hi on Saturday 🙂

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