Living Arrows 40/52 (2017)

After I came back from BlogOn last weekend we’ve had a quiet week. Both boys are still so tired that it’s really not worth trying to do much with them so we’ve just enjoyed having Daddy at home and not done much of anything. 

Toby did have one of his friends from school (who went to the same nursery too) round to play on Tuesday. He just lives a few minutes away from us so hopefully they’ll be able to do it again soon. I’m mostly just glad that Toby is making friends at school – it was one of the things I was a bit worried about because he very much likes doing his own thing, and doesn’t always like it when other kids have different ideas to him.

He still keeps telling me he doesn’t want to go to school, but we’ve not had any real tears this week and he seems to have got more used to the idea that he has to go to school every day. We’re half way to half term at least, and then he can have a bit of a break.

Toby relaxing and playing with our Grimms rainbow

Gabe has been a bit on the grumpy and clingy side this week – he’s got a cold though (and so has Toby) and I noticed on Saturday that a tiny corner of his second bottom molar is poking through, so that probably explains it. He still isn’t napping, unless he’s in the car and to be honest I’m really enjoying getting more of my evenings back. It makes such a difference when they are both asleep before 7:30 instead of it taking until nearly 9 pm some nights just a few weeks ago.

Gabe playing on the Kindle

He’s got a bit obsessed with the Kindle in the last week though, and I wrote yesterday about how much screen time is too much. I’m not too worried really, because I think he’s learning from most of the things he is using it for. We’re not quite at the point where he can use it independently for very long anyway, so he’s always with me when he’s playing it anyway. On a different note, I was so happy when I tried these Gray Label dungarees on him and they fit – they were always one of my favourites on Toby so I’m pleased I get to see them being worn again.

So that’s it for week 40 of Living Arrows – three quarters of the year done!

Living Arrows

10 thoughts on “Living Arrows 40/52 (2017)

  1. Aww, having friends from before you start school makes such a difference, it’s lovely that they get to spend some time together after school too! School is such an alien experience but I am glad that Toby is starting to get used to it. #LivingArrows

  2. Love the Dungarees. I am limiting screen time a bit on my oldest. He used to use it on educational things but now it’s pretty much just Netflix. But I think he gets fed up of watching and then switches to games himself. #livingarrows

  3. I am glad that Toby is a bit more settled at school. Amy is struggling with being at school every day, she still asks to play games and bake in the morning. Ava has been really clingy since blogon, but because she didn’t like me being away. It was lovely to meet you at blogon!

  4. Loving your indoors photos this week – it makes me wish we had carpet downstairs!! I really need a low key relaxed week – I’m hoping I’ll get one at some point! x

  5. The poor little love with his molar – interrupted evenings are horrid aren’t they! I didn’t see you at BlogOn, but it was a great day #LivingArrows

  6. My boy stared new big boy school tis year and i too am a bit anxious about him adapting and making new friends. I think he is enjoying it but it’s quite hard on them I think. Such big change. As for screen time. I don’t know how much is too much but what I do know is that sometimes it’s needed both for them as us. Gorgeous photos #livingarrows

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