What’s in my changing bag? // Pacapod Oban

I know some people love having lots of different changing bags but I’ve only ever had two…that is until I was sent a lovely Pacapod Oban in mocha to try out.

Pacapod Oban Mocha

The main design feature of all the Pacapod bags are the detachable ‘pods’ that they come with. The Pacapod Oban has a changer pod and a feeder pod which fit neatly inside. The pods can be unclipped from the main bag and used separately – it also means you can make extra space in the main bag if you need it.

Pacapod feeding and changing pods

The changer pod includes a folding changing mat and a small wet bag. There’s an elastic at the back to hold wipes in place and a couple of useful pockets too. I’ve used cloth nappies with both my boys and I think I could probably fit two, or maybe three at a push in the changing pod. It would be fine for everyday use but I might struggle for space on a full day out. Of course if you use disposables then this isn’t going to be an issue for you.

The feeder pod is insulated so would keep bottles or food warm or cold. It also comes with a separate insulated bottle wrap. We don’t really need to take bottles out with us any more but there is plenty of room in the feeder pod for all the boys snacks and water bottles.

Inside the Pacapod Oban

The other side of the bag has a couple of different sections and some small pockets – perfect for keeping everything organised. There’s also a key clip which is a fab addition – there’s nothing worse than losing your keys in the bottom of a big bag! The Pacapod Oban isn’t huge as far as changing bags go but there’s enough room for me to keep some spare clothes for the boys as well as a few essentials for me too.

Pacapod Oban backpack straps

One of my favourite features of the Pacapod Oban is that you can easily convert it from a shoulder or messenger bag, to a backpack just by clipping the strap on in a different way. It also comes with buggy straps to hang it from your buggy handle – I’ve never used these kind of straps before but they’ve actually been really useful when we’re out and about.

The Pacapod Oban using buggy straps

I thought you might be interested to see what I actually keep in my changing bag and how it all fits inside the Pacapod so I’ve made a little video. This is my first proper vlog so go easy on me please!

The Pacapod Oban has an RRP of £85.00

**Disclosure – I was sent the featured product in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

What's in my changing bag - inside the Pacapod Oban

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