Living Arrows 8/52 (2017)

The last week has mostly been about continuing to recover from our illnesses of the week before. My tonsillitis is gone now thankfully and although they’re still a bit snotty the boys are feeling much better too.

Gabe has been in the wars a bit this week though – on Monday night I was trying to get the tea ready before Barry got home from work, I gave Gabe some baking trays and dried pasta to play with on the kitchen floor so I could keep an eye on him. Which was fine until Toby decided he would come and play too. Somehow he managed to accidentally whack Gabe right on the forehead with a baking tray and left him with a really nasty looking bruise and a bump too. Then at nursery on Wednesday he fell over when he was playing at the water tray and caught his cheek on the water wheel ending up with a cut there too. He didn’t seem too bothered by either injury but just looked a bit of a mess! Read more