Fit by 40 // The weight loss diaries (Day 66-74)

I’ve been on a weight loss mission since my 39th birthday at the end of May. So far I have lost a total of  17 lbs and most of that has been following the Shake That Weight VLCD. I have been keeping a diary of my thoughts and feelings as I edge closer to my goal weight and you can read the previous Fit by 40 posts here.

3rd August 2017 (Day 66)

I’ve not written anything for a while. I’m doing OK. Still going! Another 1lb loss last week taking me to 12 stone exactly – I was so frustrated that I’ve still not made it into the 11s! I’m being a bit more relaxed with the plan at the moment though. I’m still sticking to it more or less but my evening meal is probably creeping closer to 600 calories than 400, and there have been a couple more sweet treats than perhaps there should be. The thing is, I’d rather do this and keep doing it, than try and be 100% strict and then have a massive blow out, even if it takes a bit longer. At least I know this is sustainable, for now at least. I’ve just ordered another 4 weeks of Shake That Weight products. I know I can’t do this forever, but I can tell that I’m at a tricky point where if I try to go back to just eating conventional food now I will probably just slide back down the slippery slope to larger portions and too many sweet things again and end up putting weight back on. My plan after this 4 weeks is probably to stick with a shake for breakfast but bring lunch back and see how I get on. I’ll probably still have some weight to lose at that point but I need to work out what my new normal needs to be with regard to food, if I’m ever going to keep it off. Anyhow, I’m pleased with how things are going for now, I just need to keep going….

Fit by 40 weight loss diaries

8th August 2017 (Day 71)

A disappointing 0.2 lb loss which is a barely a loss at all. I need a kick up the bum and to get back on it properly. I’ve been sneaking too many sugary treats – a jelly baby here, a marshmallow there, a handful of chocolate raisins – it all adds up though. And I really don’t want to go back to eating in secret and hiding what goes in my mouth. I need to be accountable. So today I am getting back on track. A good week on plan and a good loss and I can get back to where I want to be.

11th August 2017 (Day 74)

I’m really pleased with how I’ve been doing the last few days, back on track, no sneaky eating, drinking plenty of water, and I’m hoping it will show on the scales next week. I can definitely see the difference now too – I put some jeans on today that I could barely do up a couple of months ago, and today I had to keep pulling them up when I was walking. I have to remember that I’m not there yet though, I’ve got another stone and a half to lose and then I need to work out how on earth I am going to maintain my weight. I am absolutely determined that I am not going to yoyo this time. I am done with dieting after this. I’m still doing my yoga too – although not every day at the moment. I definitely want to keep it up though. I really feel like it’s helping me mentally as well as physically. I’m hoping that when Toby starts school, and Gabe starts his new preschool that all the school run walking is going to help too.


It’s Gabe’s birthday next week and then we’re having a BBQ next weekend for friends and family to celebrate both boys’ birthdays. I reckon I’ll be OK food wise at a BBQ but I’ll need to make sure I go easy on the birthday cake. Make sure you come back in another few weeks to see how I got on.

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