Living Arrows 33/52 (2017)

Yesterday we went to Old Holly Farm which isn’t too far from where we live. We managed to get out quite early again so we could go and have a fun morning but still get home in time for lunch and for Gabe to have his nap at home. 

We thought the boys would enjoy seeing all the different farm animals, and Gabe definitely did. He loved using all his new words too, even if he wouldn’t believe me that the donkey wasn’t a horse! He’s turned into a real proper toddler lately, which isn’t surprising given that he’s two this week I suppose. But there’s definitely nothing of the baby left about him. I’ve said it before but at home he can be so clingy and yet when we’re out and about he’s so independent and will happily just wander off on his own without a care in the world. And how cute does he look in his little bee backpack?

Gabe enjoying some time on the farm

Toby on the other hand didn’t enjoy himself quite so much . He’s going through a phase of being scared of everything at the moment, and so he was scared of all the animals – especially a hen that was walking along the path! At least he wasn’t scared on the little play park / fort thing  – he happily climbed to the top and declared himself king of the castle.

Toby at the top of the play fort at Old Holly Farm

We all enjoyed an ice cream at least and even though Toby had been scared of everything, and we wouldn’t buy him a new toy from the shop, when we got back in the car to come home he declared the morning had been brilliant! I don’t understand how his brain works sometimes.

Anyway, we came home and he spent the afternoon finishing his Clangers mobile with his daddy, and helping me bake banana oat muffins, and then at tea time he told us that his favourite part of the day had been spending time with his family. Heart melt moment right there.

Living Arrows

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  1. Sounds like a perfect morning! Oh children can be funny in the way they think sometimes can’t they?! Sounds like he really treasured the family time together! Well done for getting out early! Our 18 month old is still on 2 naps, but I know it won’t be long until she transitions and we’ll have to start getting out earlier at the weekends! xx #LivingArrows

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