Living Arrows 44/52

I know it seems to be the refrain of bloggers all over, but I really can’t believe how quickly time passes. I’m sure it was only a day or two ago that I was writing last week’s Living Arrows post! It’s been another fairly normal week, nothing much to report. I’m back at school after half term, which means Toby is back at nursery. I think he’s teeth are still bothering him – his canines are so close to coming through but still haven’t cut his gums yet. It has meant a few disturbed nights for us and on Wednesday I had to leave him crying when I dropped him off at nursery, for the first time since just after he started. He also had a complete meltdown on Saturday evening (which I think was a combination of teeth and no afternoon nap), which led to him refusing to eat his tea or have any milk before bed and then waking up several times in the night. He woke up for I think the third time at 4am and refused to go back to sleep. Luckily for me my wonderful husband sat in his room for two hours before getting him up for breakfast at 6am. Thankfully he went back to bed at 7:30am and we all slept until 11am – I’m so glad it wasn’t a weekday otherwise we would all have been very tired!

This week’s big news of course is that Toby is now properly walking – I posted a video the other day of him looking very pleased with himself about it. He’s so big now too – he’s wearing all 18-24 month clothes now and is nearly growing out of some of those, and he’s not even 16 months yet! It means we barely have any surfaces high enough to put things out of his reach, he can reach all the door handles…and he loves having a nosy out of the front window.


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