A holiday disappointment (or why Butlins is not for us)

Butlins Skegness

A couple of weeks ago, during my half-term holiday we loaded up the car and headed to Butlins in Skegness for a holiday. We used our Tesco Clubcard tokens to pay for our 4 night stay in its entirety (apart from a £20 deposit) and I’m so glad…because if we’d paid full price we would have been even more disappointed in our holiday than we were.

The first mistake, I have to admit, was ours. Skegness is a bloody long way from Scotland! We did break up the journey with a two night stay in a luxury wooden lodge near Richmond in Yorkshire (Flowery Dell Lodges) and I actually wish we’d just decided to stay there for the week. It was lovely, very comfortable and had everything we needed (including free wifi – Butlins take note!). The only downside was the glass TV stand which of course Toby was immediately attracted to!

Anyway, after a long and windy drive through the Lincolnshire countryside we eventually arrived at Butlins on the Monday afternoon. We queued briefly to go through the drive through check-in and we’re given a map to find our apartment, wherein we had our first disappointment… (Apologies that this post is quite long (and there aren’t many photos) but we had quite a lot of disappointment and I didn’t want to leave anything out!).


We were booked to stay in a 2 bedroom ‘Gold’ apartment. We were actually given a 3 bedroom on the first floor of a block, about as far away from the centre of the resort as you could get.

The first thing I was worried about was that the two twin rooms were on the front of the apartment, meaning everyone coming and going would be walking right past Toby’s window. Actually I don’t think he was disturbed too much but it would have made more sense to put us in one of the top floor apartments that didn’t have the walkway right outside.

Gold Apartment Butlins

First impressions of the apartment were that it looked a bit tired and worn, particularly the carpet. I don’t know how much of this was due to the time of year, perhaps it would have looked fresher if we had gone in April. There were a few other things that let it down too; the fridge door seal was split and full of crumbs, the remote control for the TV didn’t have a cover over the battery compartment (not ideal with an inquisitive toddler), the shower tray completely filled up when you were having a shower (which meant you had to be really quick or it would overflow)…but by far the biggest problem was the bed.

I don’t think I have ever slept in a bed so uncomfortable, except maybe in a motel we paid $20 a night for in Vermont where I actually ended up sleeping on the floor! All the beds had metal frames with wire mesh supporting the saggiest mattress I have ever known. Barry and I both had to sleep hanging off the edges or we would be unavoidable on top of each other in the middle of the bed.

As it happened, Toby decided he wasn’t going to sleep past 1am unless he was in bed with me anyway, so Barry got kicked out to one of the single beds and Toby was in the double with me. Most of the other issues with the accommodation were minor niggles we could put up with, but the bed actually contributed to our decision to leave a day early.

There were some positives about the apartment – it had two small leather sofas which were in good condition, the kitchen was well stocked and the bed linen was clean and comfortable. Because we had a Gold apartment towels were included too and there was also a daily housekeeping service who came in and made the beds and emptied the bin. The layout of the apartment meant we could use the coffee table to block Toby into the living area so he couldn’t get into too much mischief. In fact his favourite place the whole time we were there was down the side of the sofa!

Butlins Skegness Gold Apartment


The Skyline Pavilion is more or less in the centre of the resort and it houses a stage, theatre, shops, bars, restaurants, cinema and arcade (with lots of 2p drop machines that we enjoyed spending a pound on one day).  Around this are several restaurants, the swimming pool complex ‘Splash Waterworld’, a spa, fairground and ‘Reds’ where the Redcoats put on daily entertainment. There certainly seemed to be lots going on and I liked that you could get everything you needed without leaving the resort.

I did take advantage of the spa on the second day. I had a back massage, which I had booked the day before. The massage was great (just what I needed after the night in the stupidly uncomfortable bed!) and reasonably priced at £35. I didn’t make use of the rest of the spa facilities but it looked very inviting.

Unfortunately we didn’t have chance to visit Splash Waterworld. Toby isn’t overly keen on swimming at the moment and seeing as he was already grumpy and not sleeping well we didn’t really want to waste an hour getting him changed and in the pool only for him to have a meltdown. There are parent and toddler sessions where the slides and waves are turned off to make it calmer for young children but these were only from 4-5pm which seemed like a really daft time for me. That’s right before Toby’s teatime and a hungry baby is not a happy one in my experience. I would have liked to have seen a session in the morning too, especially seeing as it we weren’t there during the school holidays and therefore there must have been more toddlers there.


The first night we chose to eat in The Sun and Moon pub. The menu was what you would expect from a family friendly pub and the food was nice enough and reasonably priced. There was a large play area outside too – but nothing suitable for younger children.

On the second night we ate at Firehouse – the newest restaurant in Butlins Skegness. The easiest way to describe it is that it’s just like Nando’s; chicken with a choice of marinades and different sides. Again the food was good, but I thought a bit on the expensive side for what we got. Alcoholic drinks were also pretty pricey – £5.40 for a glass of wine.

Firehouse Butlins Skegness

The last night we decided to try one of the buffet restaurants. We had almost bought one of the ‘dining plans’ which allows you to eat in the buffet restaurants more cheaply if you book it in advance. I’m really glad we didn’t! We chose to eat in The Yacht Club, one of the two ‘premium’ buffet restaurants. It cost us £18 each to pay on the night and Toby was free. This includes an unlimited buffet and fruit juice or hot drinks. Alcohol drinks are extra, which I would expect, but I was surprised to see no fizzy drinks were included. The hot buffet was OK but pretty uninspiring (and not very hot). I was most disappointed though that there was no sign of the Annabel Karmel kids dishes which are prominently advertised on the Butlins website and on the menu board outside the restaurant. In fact the only thing I saw was a few lonely looking jars of Heinz baby food and a microwave. I have to say the buffet restaurant was somewhat redeemed by the desserts (so much so that Barry had three!).

The Yacht Club - Butlins Skegness


We did experience some fairly rubbish customer service in the buffet restaurant too which didn’t help. First of all they seemed very confused that we actually wanted to pay and we had to wait for ages for someone to take our payment. Barry then had to wait another age at the bar to be served, despite there being three members of staff and no other customers!

We also had breakfast on our last morning at one of the other buffet restaurants, which apart from being very busy, was actually quite good and the man who showed us to a table was very helpful in getting us a highchair and explaining where everything was.


Butlins is famous for its Redcoats and their entertainment and there was certainly a lot going on. Again, it was perhaps our mistake, but Toby just wasn’t quite old enough to enjoy most of it. There was a show with Thomas the Tank Engine, dancing with Angelina Ballerina, story time with Billy Bear on the stage in the Skyline Pavilion as well as a tots disco and various evening shows as well. The story time show was enjoyable, and although Toby didn’t join in we saw lots of kids who were loving Angelina Ballerina. Our one big gripe was with the Thomas show. I thought Toby might quite enjoy watching it but we couldn’t actually stay in the Skyline Pavilion while it was going on as it was so deafeningly loud! The pavilion is quite a big place but most of the kids watching the show were gathered in a semi-circle within 5 metres of the stage. The Redcoats had their microphones turned up full and at the same time were shouting at the tops of their voices over incredibly loud music. It was unbearable.

Obviously with having Toby we couldn’t go to any of the evening shows either. I suppose you could if you have a baby who will just sleep in the buggy but Toby needs to be in bed by 8pm at the very latest, even on holiday. The only comment I can make about the shows that were on in ‘Centre Stage’ is that people were queueing out of the building an hour before it was due to start (I believe in order to get a good seat) and that was during term-time in October, I dread to think what it is like in the height of summer! You can pay extra to jump the queue but that just seems a bit money-grabbing on the part of Butlins to me.

We had a look round the fairground too – there wasn’t anything especially exciting I have to say, but it was OK considering you don’t have to pay an extra for it. There are some rides for younger children but again, Toby was just that bit too young to be able to enjoy them.

There was a lot to do for children from about two to three years upwards but there really wasn’t anything for younger children. Unless we missed it there wasn’t even a park with baby swings anywhere. We had to keep Toby in the buggy pretty much the whole time as there was nowhere that had a safe area he could crawl or practice his walking. There is a small soft play but again it was full of older kids, even a dedicated baby area in there would have been an improvement.

Overall I can see why people with older kids would go to Butlins and I’m sure it is much more enjoyable when you can take full advantage of all the entertainment and facilities. But this time Butlins just wasn’t for us. I can’t see that we will be going back again anytime soon though. Even when Toby is older and could enjoy all the activities on offer you couldn’t pay me to sleep in that bed again!!

22 thoughts on “A holiday disappointment (or why Butlins is not for us)

      1. Oh my goodness what a shame I have been to butlins and the accomadation was not great either but my kids are a lot older so they can. Stay awake at night for longer and poor Toby he must have been looking forward to it little sweetheart

  1. Oh this post makes me so sad 🙁 You were so looking forward to a nice holiday and you really needed one too! I’m so sorry it was pretty awful. Quite a lot of it could be easily fixed by Butlins! x

    1. Aww thanks Donna. It was a bit rubbish, and like you say it’s annoying because a couple of our big issues could easily be fixed. To be honest if we had been able to sleep on a comfortable bed I don’t think any of the rest of it would have really bothered us!

  2. That’s a shame you had such a disappointing experience, especially with accommodation. A good nights sleep is a must! I think Butlins is geared for older tots & children but what a let down with everything else x

  3. Ive been butlins many times with my 3 kids and they love it. ..but I must say the beds are not comfortable at all…wish butlins would do something about that 🙁

  4. I am a little concerned now. We are booked to go and have never been before. This has made me stressed about what to expect. ……
    Is it really THIS bad?

  5. don’t worry this review is just purely stupid 😉 if you want luxury then maybe not but come on its for kids adults need to step back and enjoy their kids having fun. we took our 2 year old and then again when she was 3 and both times was above the standard for the price paid! both skegness and minehead…….

    dont worry everyone just strap yourself in and lighten up and enjoy it … most holidays is how you make it not so much how posh things are!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m sure Butlins is a fantastic holiday for lots of people but as I said in the title of this post we found it just wasn’t for us. I think the uncomfortable bed was inexcusable though – I don’t care how much you pay for a holiday, a bed you can actually sleep in is a very basic requirement. I’m glad you enjoyed your holidays at Butlins.

  6. i went there and the bed collapsed in the night and my spleen was ruptured by the collapse, i can only agree with what you’ve had to say

  7. I’m not being funny but I went to butlins with my mum dad my brother and my baby sister last when she was only 3 months old we loved it but my baby sister cried for alot of it but at the time we didn’t know she was lactose intolerant (she isnt any more) but still we had a great time. We went to bognor the accommodation was out standing and we really enjoyed it and the mum and baby swims are in the morning so I would recommend going there

  8. I love Butlins Skegness (hense the username) I have been going since I was born (2003) and I have never had any of these problems! Oh well, maybe you should try again and request a different room and the beds and furniture would be a bit more new.

  9. I have been going to butlins for a long time and I’m actually going on July 11th 2016 , and I have had none of these problems ever ! Your aloud your opinion but so am I and you are obviously just hard to please and fussy , I can understand what you are saying but that was a bit harsh , it’s not about what you like it’s for your kid , did he actually tell you ” I don’t like this ” , NO you just made up his mind , God , grow up and let your child actually have fun and stop complaining!

  10. What a shame you didn’t enjoy your holiday. However, as a family from Scotland like yourselves who have had great times here for the last 5 years I feel your review is grossly unfair. Indeed most of the problems appear to be of your own making either through lack of research/planning or just sheer ignorance.
    Firstly the journey. I agree it is long and tiresome. However given modern sat nav, route maps, Google maps etc there is no excuse for not anticipating the journey involved. Poor planning.
    Secondly the food. It is CLEARLY stated that if you pay for premium dinng you can eat in the yacht club or the deck. The Annabel Carmen food is available only in the deck. READ THE SIGNS. IT’S NOT HARD. The food here is really very good. I would never go without a dining plan. It is outstanding.

    There is plenty for under twos mainly in tots world located near the sun and moon pub. They have dedicated soft play and swings you apparently couldn’t find. Yet again OPEN YOU EYES AND FOLLOW THE SIGNS. OR YOUR MAP!

    The swimming pool again is fantastic and certainly superior to the likes of center Parcs. There are various Toddler sessions throughout the week and not just at 5pm – did you even have an events guide? Or could you not find that either?

    I agree the beds could be better but on the one occasion we had a particularly bad one housekeeping changed it within half an hour. Did you call them?

    Whilst everyone has different expectations on holiday it seems a shame to publicly slate Butlins when it is clear many of the issues are of your own making. Best of luck on your next holiday although I expect trying to please you might be a tall order.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. As I have stated, this is simply my opinion of our experience at Butlins. As it happens we did go to Center Parcs this year and had a fantastic time so perhaps, as I said in the title of this post, Butlins is just not for us.

  11. Why would anyone take such a small child here, not try half of the things because of said child and then complain so much about things that are of your own making?? we have travelled from the North of Scotland 520 miles each way for the past 7 years out of 8 and cant fault it. Your review is unhelpful, not based on actual experiences and you seem impossible to please. If you had bothered to do some research before you went you would have got on better.

  12. Reading this having just got back from Butlins Skegness in 2024. You’ve described the beds perfectly! They haven’t changed… I asked whether it was because we’d gone for the cheapest accommodation, but was told the beds are the same throughout the resort. They make a Travelodge look like a 5 star resort!
    But, that said, we did have a good time. Lots of fun things to do, but I don’t think we’ll be going back again unless they change the beds. My husband is 6′, but I’m only 5’5″ and I was hanging off the end!

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