Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (October 2014)

October started with a busy few weeks at work and then what was supposed to be a fun and relaxing week off. Unfortunately we decided to go to Butlins in Skegness which, despite not looking too far on the map, took hours and hours to get to. And then Toby decided that he wasn’t really going to eat and wasn’t going to sleep unless he was in bed with me. Which meant not much sleep for anyone. The weather wasn’t great either and we didn’t really get chance to take advantage of everything Butlins had to offer, I’m going to write another post all about our holiday soon but suffice to say no one came home particularly rested!

And now we’re back to work and Toby’s back at nursery and we’re counting down the days until the Christmas holidays (only eight more Mondays at work to go!).

We did manage to get a family photo at Butlins. This was just after breakfast on our last day and we were all ready to go home. You can probably see the tiredness on our faces. But this picture, just like all our Me & Mine family portraits reminds us that although we had a pretty rubbish holiday we got to spend a week together as our little family. And even when things don’t turn out how we hoped we should always make the most of the time do get to spend together.

October 2014

2 thoughts on “Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (October 2014)

  1. I wouldn’t have thought you looked tired until you said so – mostly you all look happy to be together – and then there is the minor distraction of that shark!!

  2. Oh it is a lovely photo even though it wasn’t taken at the best week. You wouldn’t know you were all tired, such a shame you didn’t enjoy it but you did have some family time like you said and that it always good!

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