Siblings // Toby and Gabe in August (2017)

I swear I only just wrote last month’s Siblings post but it’s definitely that time again! Toby and Gabe have actually been getting on a bit better the last month. I think Gabe being able to talk more (and stand up for himself a bit) is definitely helping. Toby has been trying to include him in his play a lot more too – it’s like he’s realised Gabe really isn’t a baby anymore.

Toby and Gabe are best of friends

Gabe still absolutely adores his brother, he copies him all the time and follows him all over the place. Listening to them chase each other up and down the living room giggling their heads off always makes me smile. And it’s less likely to end in tears these days too!

Gabe following his brother

We’ve had some lovely days out in the last month and I think Toby seeing Gabe walking around everywhere and not in the buggy so much is helping him to see his little brother as more of a friend and an equal than a baby.

Brothers at Brockholes

We went to Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester yesterday and whilst we were waiting in a queue for one of the rides Gabe suddenly gave Toby a massive cuddle. Even though he’s super cuddly with us he’s never really wanted to cuddle Toby before. I didn’t manage to catch that one on camera but I tried to get them to do it again before nursery this morning. This one looks a bit more like a strangle hold but the sentiment was there at least!

Brotherly love and big cuddles

I think next month is going to see some big changes in the sibling relationship between Toby and Gabe – with Toby being at school all week and Gabe off to his new preschool I think there’ll be a definite shift in the dynamic between them. I’m just hoping that more time apart will help them enjoy the time they do get to spend together even more.


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  1. Oh I was just saying to someone the other day I loved when MM started walking and talking and the baby and toddler changed the dynamics and they were equals and quickly became best pals. So beautiful to witness isn’t it? #siblingsproject

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