Living Arrows 30/52 (2015)

Another quiet week of just getting through the days and waiting for a baby to arrive.

Toby has been settling in well to his new room at nursery with all the other 2 and 3 year olds. I think he’s still getting used to being the youngest though after being one of the big kids in the baby room for quiet a while now. We’ve had a couple of incidents of him biting other kids this week which isn’t ideal. It seems to be when someone wants to share whatever he is playing with at the time – he’s not quite got the hang of sharing yet, and because his language is still developing too he just gives the other child a bite instead. Nursery are taking him away and explaining that he shouldn’t do it, and we are trying to speak to him about it at home too but mostly I think we just need to hope he stops doing it as his speech develops. His language is coming on really quickly now though. He has been building his vocabulary over the last couple of months and is now trying to put words together more often, He even said ‘my milk’s all gone’ the other night which I think is the longest coherent sentence we’ve had out of him yet! My only real worry is that things are disrupted too much for him by the arrival of the new baby. I’m hoping that keeping him at nursery for now will help give him a routine and sense of normality when the chaos descends at home!

Anyway, to this week’s Living Arrows picture… This one is only an iPhone snap, Toby really wanted to carry his own bag into nursery this morning, even though it’s really heavy with all his nappies for the day. I reckon he looks super-cute though!

30_52 15

Living Arrows

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