From poppy seed to pumpkin: 38 weeks pregnant

I’ve made it to 38 weeks pregnant which means I can have my home birth if I want to! I’m all booked to stay at home and all the equipment has been delivered (and so far we’ve resisted having a go on the gas and air!) but to be honest I’m still not entirely sure that I will stay at home when it comes to it. Although I would like to give birth at home it just depends on when I go into labour and what that means for who will be looking after Toby. If it’s during the day when he’s at nursery then it should be OK but if I need my mum and dad to look after him then it will be much easier for them to do that at our house than have to take him out somewhere or take him to their caravan. The plan really then is just to wait and see and make a decision that will be best for all of us when the time comes. I’ve got everything gathered together for giving birth at home but also packed bags for hospital so in theory I’m ready for anything!

I’m really ready for this baby to come soon though. The last couple of weeks I’ve been really struggling with pain in my hips and pelvis. It’s eased a little bit in the last couple of days but walking is still slow and often painful. I’ve been getting some crampy pains in my back and low down in my bump on and off for the last week too. That’s how my labour with Toby started but these pains just seem to come and go. The baby is definitely head down though and when the midwife checked today he was 3/5 engaged so it seems things are heading in the right direction. Everything else is looking good too – so now it’s just a waiting game….

I had a little company in this week’s bump shot! I’m looking forward to being able to carry him a bit more easily soon!

38 weeks pregnant

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