Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (July 2015)

This month saw Toby turn two, and we had visits from all his grandparents to celebrate which was lovely. I was planning on getting a photo of the whole extended family but some how it didn’t happen! Other than the birthday weekend we haven’t really done anything very exciting. I’ve been struggling with my hips and pelvis the last few weeks so I’ve not really been up for any big trips or even a walk to the park some days. Most weekends have managed to include a trip somewhere for coffee and cake though which has helped!

I wasn’t sure if we would even make it to the end of July as a family of three but I’m still pregnant and so it looks like August is going to be the month that our three become four…for now we are three and a very big bump! (Excuse my weird smile – I was getting Toby to say cheese, which also gets him to look at the camera.)

July 2015


4 thoughts on “Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (July 2015)

  1. You are looking ready to pop!! I can’t wait for your announcement, I hope you’re having some time to relax and I really hope all goes well when the time comes. Sending lots of love! x

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