Living Arrows 28/52 (2017)

Well, after last week’s post when Gabe had slept through for two nights in a row, he actually managed two more…which is the most he has slept in his whole life! Unfortunately he ended the week with a temperature and normal service has been resumes as far as sleep goes but at least we know he can do it and I’m sure he will again. Until then I’m going to accept it and wait – that’s all I can do really!

Yesterday we went on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway with Barry’s mum and dad. It’s a steam train in the Lake District and we had a lovely day out (mostly – days out with our two are never entirely stress-free!) Gabe seemed to have recovered from whatever was wrong with him at the end of last week and was remarkably un-whingey for most of the day.

I’m not sure what he was doing in this picture but he must have been concentrating on something because he’s sticking his tongue out just like I do!

Gabe sticking his tongue out to concentrate

Toby has had another up and down kind of a week. He is still mostly lovely but is having some real emotional meltdowns at the moment. They can be over the silliest of things too. I have to admit I haven’t been the best at dealing with them either – I am vowing to have more patience this week! From what a lot of people have said though this is pretty much par for the course for four year olds – and as of tomorrow Toby will be a whole four years old…no longer a baby or a toddler, but not quite big kid yet either. We’ve got just over two months until he starts school and I’m going to try my best to help him get ready for that over the summer.

Anyway, he loved the train yesterday, and spending time with his Nana and Grandad.

Toby fascinated by the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway train


Living Arrows

8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 28/52 (2017)

  1. These are both such lovely photos, they both look lost in concentration! I’ve told my 2 we might take the train into Cardiff at the start of the holidays and they’re so excited! I’m just hoping I can manage the 2 of them by myself for the journey there and back! x #LivingArrows

  2. We’ve been having lots of breakdowns from Indie this week. I think the end of term must be exhausting.. although I’m hoping it doesn’t last over the summer! Love Gabe’s little face in that photo xx

  3. Lovely close up photos! Oh I know it’s so hard when they have these phases isn’t it? Except there always seems to be a phase for something! We are still working on the night waking too. I can’t decide whether to try and do something about it, or whether just to go with it and sort it out after we have moved. Too much going on! Toby looks like he loved the train ride! x #LivingArrows

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