Fit by 40 // The weight loss diaries (Day 26-44)

Last week I published the first two weeks of my weight loss diaries – this post covers the days since then. It’s a bit of a monster  update but I wanted to bring you up to date so I can carry on from here…

24th June 2017  (Day 26)

I’ve been doing Shake That Weight for a week and a half so far and it’s going quite well. I lost 3lb the first week which isn’t quite as much as I was hoping for but I think it wasn’t as dramatic as sometimes because I was already following quite a low calorie diet. I’ve been sticking to it pretty well – a couple of bites of the kids’ food here and there but certainly not falling off the wagon standards.

I’m not feeling hungry any more either but still getting that feeling of ‘I want to eat something’. I know that’s just emotional and not real hunger but I’m finding having one of the STW snacks or even just a couple of grapes helps.

I also started doing so yoga on Tuesday – I’m just following some videos on YouTube but I’m really enjoying it. I’ve done it every evening since I started. I’ve also found some kid’s yoga on YouTube that we’ve done a couple of times – Toby and Gabe seemed to enjoy it so I’m going to try and keep that up with them as well.

On the whole I’m feeling quite positive about it all at the moment. We’ll see what Tuesday’s weigh in brings but I feel like I’m really ready to make the right changes this time…we shall see.

2nd July 2017 (Day 34)

I just wanted to check in again because I haven’t written anything for a week. I’m still going pretty strong I think. I lost 2 lb last week which again isn’t massive but it’s going in the right direction. I’ve stuck to the plan well this week (just tiny couple of mouthfuls of chocolate cake on Friday!). We even had lunch in a pub yesterday I managed to make a sensible (if boring) choice and stay under 400 calories.

The hardest thing is still trying not to pick at the boys’ leftovers. I’m doing OK but by no means perfectly with that but hopefully it’s not having too much of an impact.

I’m still doing yoga every day – I haven’t missed a day since I started and I’m already starting to notice a difference in my posture and the pain in my neck and shoulders is definitely better than it was.

I’ve got another week and a day of the Shake That Weight trial left but I actually think I’m going to carry on with it. I really like most of the shakes, and surprisingly the bars are nice too. I’ve still got a lot of weight to shift and I think this might be the best way to do it. I’m worried if I go back to ‘normal’ eating that I’ll get frustrated at slow progress and fall off the wagon all together.

Of course we all know I can lose weight…it’s what happens after that is the problem. I really do feel more positive this time. My goal really is to be at my target weight by October and then make sure I stay there or there abouts, well forever really, but I’m going to take it in smaller chunks, so the first one will be maintaining it until I’m 40. And if I can do that, then why can’t I do it for ever?

5th July 2017 (Day 37)

So another 2lb loss yesterday which again wasn’t huge but it’s weight off and that’s what counts right? And since I started this the day after my 39th birthday I’ve lost 11lb which is pretty awesome. I’m definitely starting to notice it now too – my clothes aren’t as tight and I can see I look visibly slimmer.

I’ve been keeping up the yoga too so I reckon that should be helping with the inch loss. I actually can’t believe how much I’m enjoying it. Not just the physical moves but just taking half an hour every day to switch off the TV, put my phone down and just breathe and focus on myself for once. I’m definitely going to keep it up – maybe not every day like I am at the moment but regularly, every other day maybe.

This losing weight and focusing on myself a little bit has actually motivated me to take care of myself a bit more in other ways too. I’ve been noticing that the skin on my face has been (finally) starting to show a few signs of the fact I’m not in my 20s any more. In fact my skin is doing remarkably well considering I spent half my 20s working in the sun without ever wearing sun cream, and smoking 20 a day too. But anyway, I bought myself a face mask yesterday – which I have on as I’m writing this and I also got some anti-aging moisturising BB cream stuff too. I never wear make up as a rule but I thought making an effort might help me feel a bit better about myself. I shall report back soon and we’ll see if it’s working!

8th July 2017 (Day 40)

I’m struggling a bit today. I’ve already eaten a few things I probably shouldn’t have (Solero anyone?) and it is taking every ounce of my self-control not to go and raid the cupboards for whatever I can find. One of my biggest struggles at the moment though is trying not to finish the boys’ leftovers. I just hate throwing good food in the bin. I’m trying though, I’m not always succeeding but I’m trying. I think I need a mantra ‘I am not a dust bin!’

We’re going out for lunch tomorrow so I’m hoping I can find something sensible to eat, without feeling like I’m missing out.

12th July 2017 (Day 44)

I’m feeling rubbish today. I only lost a pound in the last week and that is probably because I’ve been sneaking in a few more things ‘off plan’ than I should. I spent all day yesterday making Toby’s birthday cake (and licked the spoon a bit too much) and I’ve just eaten a big piece of it tonight.

I’ve not been doing my yoga for one reason or another for the last couple of days either. I’m actually going to do a short video when I’ve finished writing this, just so I get back to it.

I’m just going to hang on through this week – I’ve got my period so I’m hoping that hormones are playing a part and I can get back on track next week. I’ve lost a total of 12 lbs so far which is awesome but I’ve still got a way to go before I get anywhere near my target so I really need to keep at it.


Fit by 40 weight loss diaries
So that brings us up to date – I’ll be back soon with another update and hopefully I’ll be feeling more positive by then.

4 thoughts on “Fit by 40 // The weight loss diaries (Day 26-44)

  1. I can imagine how difficult it is to lose a few inches. Weight loss is a toughest journey. But yeah, if followed by a proper diet and strict exercise…it is possible to achieve the goal.Nice post…informative 🙂

  2. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to getting healthy I’m afraid. The minute you stop using meal replacement ‘shakes’ that weight is going to pile back on. If I were you I’d concentrate on healthy changes you can keep for life not just a quick fix.

  3. Don’t knock yourself. 12 pounds is fantastic ! Go and put 5 and a half bags of sugar in a rucksack and carry it around all day, you will soon realise what a huge amount it is and how much you were constantly carrying.
    Well done & keep up the good work.

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