Siblings // Toby and Gabe in July (2017)

There’s not really anything new to say this month – Toby and Gabe still fight and bicker all the time. I think it’s actually ramped up a notch now Gabe has learnt the word ‘mine’! But having said that there are more moments where they play nicely together, or they have a sweet moment.

Toby and Gabe playing nicely together with the Grimms Rainbow

Toby loves making Gabe laugh, and is pretty good at doing it, and Gabe still just wants to do everything his brother does. He will literally copy everything Toby does – the other day Toby slipped going downstairs – he just ended up sitting down on the top step but sat down quite hard and hurt his bum a little bit. Gabe who was coming downstairs after him then proceeded to sit down on the step and say ‘ow’ too!

Toby and Gabe drawing together

I’m still holding out hope that as Gabe starts to talk more and more and becomes more capable physically they will be able to play together more. Toby did say to me yesterday though that Gabe is his best friend in our family. I mean there’s only the four of us but still, it was very cute.

Toby and Gabe - my two peas in a pod

Of course everything will probably change in a couple of months when Toby is at school and Gabe gets more time with me on his own. I think Gabe is really going to miss his big brother, even if they do spend half their time arguing at the moment!

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T R O U B L E // These two just look like they're up to mischief don't they? We made a den underneath their little table and once we'd extended it make sure there was enough room for both of them they had a lovely time. I felt like I had a real glimpse of the future today too – Toby had his second transition session at school this afternoon and walking along to pick him up, with Gabe in the buggy just made me realise what life could be like in September. Of course I might still go back to work teaching and then our lives will look completely different…but even though I always said I didn't want to do it, being a stay at home mum is looking more and more appealing. #glimpseofthefuture #stayathomemum

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One thing is for sure these two definitely love each other like only brothers can. And I know I say it every month but I can’t wait to see how their relationship continues to develop.

Toby and Gabe looking grubby after nursery

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  1. Oh they are cute together – and I’m certain it’s an essential part of the sibling relationship that they learn to press each other’s buttons! Fingers crossed for a gorgeous summer and then that the separation of school in September reminds them just how good it is to be together!

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