What Gabe Wore // Lilly + Sid

This week Gabe is wearing an outfit from British brand Lilly + Sid. This set was a Christmas present from his Grandma and today was the first time he has worn it. It’s 6-12 months so there’s a bit of rolling up of legs and sleeves going on but at least that means it should fit him for a while!

Lilly & Sid

This Baby Bear sweat set combines some of my favourite things – namely stars and bear ears! It is made from lovely soft cotton and seems really comfy for Gabe too.

Lilly + Sid set

Gabe has had a few things from Lilly + Sid and we’ve always had great customer service from them. It’s one of the reasons I much prefer buying from small, independent shops these days.

And look – Gabe even managed to sit up for long enough for me to take a picture today too!

Baby Bear sweat set


5 thoughts on “What Gabe Wore // Lilly + Sid

  1. What a sweet outfit. We live near the Funky Rascal shop and they had a gorgeous Lilly+Sid dress in the sale in their window, made me wish I had/knew a little girl to buy it for!

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