Siblings // Toby and Gabe in February

The Siblings Project is curated by the lovely Lucy over at dear beautiful (the same Lucy who is behind Me & Mine). I have always enjoyed reading other people’s siblings posts and when Gabe was born last year I did think about joining in but… as usual life got in the way and I just never seemed to get round to it. Added to which there hasn’t been a huge amount to say about Toby and Gabe’s relationship up to this point.

Siblings February

For the last six months I have watched as Toby has gone from mostly just tolerating his little brother (with the odd flash of affection) to finding him quite interesting some of the time. He is actually now very loving and considerate towards Gabe; he especially likes bringing him toys or sharing food with him (even though Gabe isn’t actually eating anything yet); he sometimes gives him random kisses or holds his hand; and I think the big turning point came when he realised he could make Gabe smile and laugh.

Toby and Gabe February

Gabe absolutely adores his brother already. He always has a smile for Toby even when he’s suffering with teething and a cold like he has been this week. He watches him with such fascination as runs and jumps around the living room. He also likes to show his affection by trying to touch Toby’s face or grab his hair (although Toby’s not so keen on this part).

I managed to capture some lovely moments between my boys on camera this month so I decided it was time I joined in with the siblings project. I’m sure from now on the bond between them is only going to grow…

The Me and Mine Project

8 thoughts on “Siblings // Toby and Gabe in February

  1. That first photo is absolutely gorgeous, one to frame for sure đŸ™‚ My two are exactly the same holding hands and playing together loads more now Parker can sit. Isn’t it so lovely to watch xx

  2. The first photo is absolutely beautiful! Isla was the same the first couple of months she wasn’t too interested but since Archie has been doing more she loves him so much! She also brings him food so I have to be careful all the time and watch like a hawk haha xx

  3. Such lovely pics Sarah!! I definitely agree that when babies start smiling it sparks that’s extra interest! Sounds like Toby and Gabe are definitely becoming closer all the time and its wonderful that Toby likes sharing things with Gabe, that’s really adorable!!

  4. Lovely pictures! It’s lovely to hear about how their relationship has developed over the last few months. Hopefully they’ll always have a strong bond x

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