Living Arrows 26/52 (2021)

Gabe holding a toilet roll tube megaphone in front of his mouth

I feel like I’m back to not really having much to say in these posts – every week is the same at the moment, and I think we’re all just trying to get through the last few weeks before the summer holidays. Gabe seems very tired and emotional – we have tears about one thing or another at least a few times every day. And Toby’s showing his tiredness with a lot of silly behaviour and winding his brother up at any opportunity!

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Living Arrows 24/52 (2021)

Gabe holding two halves of a pain au chocolat in front of his face

Wow, I really am super late this week! The boys have been back at school for almost two weeks since the holidays and I can’t believe it’s only just over four weeks now until the summer holidays! The weather is still roasting here – we seem to have avoided the storm that was forecast over the last few days. I just hope all this sunshine now doesn’t mean we’re going to have rubbish weather for the summer holidays.

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Living Arrows 23/52 (2021)

Close up of Toby smiling and wearing a cap

I know I’m a bit late in the week again with this post. One of these days I’ll get my self organised to write my Living Arrows post on a Sunday night ready for Monday morning like I always used to! The boys have been back at school for a couple of days now after a lovely half term holiday. Barry took the boys to see his parents at the start of the week, we spent a few days at home and then on Thursday we headed up to the Lakes for three nights of camping!

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Living Arrows 22/52 (2021)

Gabe blowing bubbles in the garden

Happy June everyone! The boys are off school and the sun has come out – we’re all enjoying a break from the school runs (and packed lunches!) with a few days at home before we head off camping at the end of the week. After spending so much of the last year wanting the boys to be back at school we were still all definitely for them to have a week off.

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Living Arrows 20/52 (2021)

Gabe with a certificate from school

After what felt like a week of constant rain we’ve had a lovely few days of sunshine here. The weather has been all over the place this month though, we never know what it’s going to do from one hour to the next! We’ve still got a week and a half of school to go before the holidays though so I’m hoping it sorts itself out before we go camping!

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Living Arrows 19/52 (2021)

Gabe swimming with a noodle

It’s another rainy Monday here in the North West. I’m really hoping this weather sorts itself out by the end of the month because we’ve got our first camping trip of the year booked at half term! Anyway, it’s been another normal week here with nothing very exciting going on. I’m just grateful for every week we get through without anybody’s bubble bursting or having to self-isolate!

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Living Arrows 17/52 (2021)

Another week back at school done – it still feels like such a relief when the boys manage another full week in school without someone’s bubble bursting, or even another lockdown being announced! I’m really hoping that this is it now and they’ll be in school full time until the summer, but you just never know do you?

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