How to know when you and your family have outgrown your home

Saying goodbye to the old house

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Remember those dreamy days when you and your partner bought your first home together? You spent hours trawling through magazines for inspiration, decorated the spare room in an on-trend colour and relished the freedom and independence it gave you.

But now the spare rooms are filled with kids (you wouldn’t change this for the world, though!) and your house is bursting at the seams with clutter. Read more

Kid’s rooms // How to make them last a childhood

Toby's space bedroom

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Preparing a bedroom for a child really is an enchanting experience. Choosing the bedclothes, light fittings and of course, the toys are the things that dreams are made of. There are, however, as with any other project, some practical considerations, particularly if you are working to a budget and so here we explore kid’s rooms and how to make them last a childhood. Read more

Big furniture without the big price tag

Blue sofa - cost effective ways to replace large furniture

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I know lots of families are always putting off upgrading and replacing the large items of furniture in their home. We really currently have one sofa that is nearly 15 years old and really needs to be replaced, and another that is almost 40 years old and used to belong to my mum and dad! Read more

5 quick ways to change a room

Chairs in front of a window

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Decorating your home can take a long time. After planning and buying supplies, you then have to prep your home ready for painting or wallpapering, and all of this before you can actually start decorating.

When we moved in 2016 we knew that every room in our new house would need redecorating, but that it would be years before we had the money and time to do it all. If the thought of redecorating fills you with dread, or like us you just don’t have the time or the funds to do it right now, then here are 5 quick ways to overhaul any room in your home – all without picking up a paintbrush. Read more

5 ways to maximise space in your family home

Small house - 5 tips to maximise storage

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While having a family is wonderful, it can also present its challenges, including the never-ending struggle to find more space. When you find that you’re really cramped, what are your options?

You could extend your home or consider selling with an online estate agent like If extending isn’t an option and you just can’t bear to part with your home – after all, it’s filled with precious family memories – then here are 5 ways to help maximise space in your family home. Read more

Planning to extend our home

The front of our house that we would like to extend

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When we moved house we were looking for somewhere that had potential to be improved and developed as our family grows – grows up that is, we definitely aren’t planning on making our family any bigger! We knew we couldn’t afford our dream home so we wanted somewhere we could perhaps extend in future and turn it into our dream home instead. Read more

Give your home an autumn makeover

Trees and autumn leaves

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With autumn fast approaching, it’s time to think about what additions you can make to your home that’ll really bring that autumn vibe. Autumn is one of the cosiest seasons, with Halloween, bonfire night and the leaves finally falling, it really starts to feel like the run up to Christmas.  Read more