My changing home style // Plans for updating our house

It’s funny how your style changes over time. I know a lot of it is to do with current fashions – I know I’m a sucker for jumping on style bandwagons, especially when it comes to the style I like in my house. I bought my own flat back in 2004 and completely redecorated most of it in the six years I lived there. There was a lot of beige and coffee colours, and a lot of IKEA furniture.

In 2011 I moved into a new build house with Barry (although it was about 8 years old and we were the third family to live there). With a wedding to plan and then two new babies in the years that followed we didn’t really do anything by way of decorating. We didn’t even get round to replacing the hideous and highly impractical palm tree shaped mirror in the bathroom!

Since we moved to this house two years ago my style is definitely heading more towards a minimalist scandinavian vibe – even if that’s not always possible with two small children running around the place! When we had the kitchen done not long after we moved in we went for lots of white and clean lines, with pops of orange for a bit of colour. If you want to see more of the kitchen have a look at this post.

New kitchen

Our most recent decorating project was our hall way – and there we’ve gone for greys and again a fairly minimalist style. You can read all about the hall way and how we gave it a makeover on a budget in this post.

Middle hall way after

Our next project is hopefully going to be one of our bathrooms. At the moment it is horrible and dark with a mushroom brown suite – I can’t wait to rip it all out and replace it with a fresh, clean shower room instead. Our bathroom isn’t quite this big but I’d love a walk in shower something like this one…

Bathroom with walk in shower

I love some of the geometric tiles you can get now too – I’d love white hexagonal tiles on the walls, and maybe something with a bit more pattern on the floor.

After the bathroom I think the living room is next on the hit list – but we really need new sofas and I want to hold out until the boys are maybe slightly less likely to spill / wee / vomit on them before we spend a big chunk of money on new ones!

It seems I’m not the only one with changing style and going for a minimalist look – according to Wayfair there has been a 1000% increase in searches for Minimalism from the people of the North-West! Have a look at the map below and see what the most popular style is like in your region…

Wayfair style by region map


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