Keeping your jewellery safe and clean

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If you’ve built up an impressive jewellery collection, it makes sense to protect your investment. Valuable jewellery is a target for thieves and if it isn’t looked after properly, it could also end up losing its impressive sparkle and lustre. To help you keep your jewellery safe and clean, here you’ll discover some of the best tips to follow.

Don’t store jewellery in the bedroom

The most common place people store jewellery is the bedroom and burglars know it! It’s logical as it’s where you get ready and also where you typically store your most precious belongings. However, even in what you think is a well-hidden spot to keep your jewellery in the bedroom, burglars will still find it.

Did you know for example, that many burglars know to check the curtain rails for anything stored in there? Burglars are smart, and they get smarter with each passing year. So, always store your jewellery outside of the bedroom.

Keeping your jewellery clean

Engagement ring - tips to keep your jewellery safe and clean

Cleaning your jewellery regularly will help to keep it looking sparkling new. It will also prevent potential damage too. How you clean it however, will depend upon the material and type of jewellery you own.

Silver jewellery can be cleaned with a mild dish soap mixed with warm water. Use a soft cloth to rub the solution onto the jewellery, then rinse it in cold water. Buff it with the cloth until it’s dry. If you’re cleaning gold, you’ll want to soak the jewellery in a small bowl of sodium-free seltzer water, alongside a few drops of mild dish soap. Leave it in there for 5 minutes before swishing it around and then rubbing over it gently with a soft toothbrush. Rinse it and then use a soft cloth to dry it.

Is it worth taking out insurance?

If your jewellery is expensive, it is worth considering taking out insurance. Say you’ve invested in a beautiful, white or platinum gold engagement ring. Would you be able to afford to replace it if something happened to it? If not, insurance could prove invaluable. Check your existing home contents insurance to see what the maximum claim limit is. If it is less than the value of your jewellery, you may need specialist insurance.

Overall, keeping your jewellery clean and safe is crucial if you want to protect your valuables. The above are some of the best tips to follow to reduce the risk of anything going wrong.

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