Big furniture without the big price tag

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I know lots of families are always putting off upgrading and replacing the large items of furniture in their home. We really currently have one sofa that is nearly 15 years old and really needs to be replaced, and another that is almost 40 years old and used to belong to my mum and dad!

Instead of buying a new sofa for their living room, lots of people simply throw a blanket over their current one to cover up all of the stains and scuffs! Why do they do this? Because they think that buying such bulky pieces of furniture is going to be exceptionally expensive and their budget just can’t stretch to them.

Blue sofa - cost effective ways to replace large furniture

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Thankfully, though, large furniture doesn’t always have to come with such a large price tag. There are a few different things you can do to keep the price as low as possible. Read on to find out more!

Look In Second-Hand Shops

One of the most obvious ways to find cheaper furniture is to look in shops that sell second-hand goods. Even though they will have had a previous owner, the majority of shops will have a policy to only sell furniture that is still up to a good standard. This is a great way to add some vintage-inspired decor to your home too!

Don’t Pay For Store Shipment

Lots of stores will give you the option to add on shipment – you just need to pay extra and they will send the item to you. However, this extra payment cost can be exceptionally expensive and will hike up the overall cost of the item of furniture. Instead, you should look at shipping firms like Shiply who can deliver the item to you for a lot less. So, don’t let the store fool you into paying for an unnecessary delivery service when you can get it cheaper elsewhere!

Search eBay For Bargains

You don’t have to buy your furniture from bricks and mortar shops, of course. In fact, websites like eBay often have some really great bargains that will get you a lot for your money. Don’t worry about getting the item delivered to you – you can use one of the reasonably priced shipment services that I mentioned in the point above.

Consider Haggling

Don’t forget that the price on the price tag often isn’t the final one. You might be surprised to find that some store owners are willing to haggle a bit. Don’t expect any huge discounts by doing this, but you could very easily knock off a couple of quid from the price on the tag. Every little counts!

Shop In Outlet Stores

Most cities have large outlet furniture shops. These are stores that often sell to smaller furniture shops. Most of them also let the public see their wares and purchase directly from them. This is a cheaper option than going to smaller, independent furniture stores as you will be paying the retail price before a markup price has been added. Most of these stores also take the items that other customers return, which makes them so cheap. Don’t worry, though; the furniture might have been returned but it’s still in good nick!

Good luck finding some cheap furniture – have you got any other top tips for finding large items of furniture at bargain prices?

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