Kid’s rooms // How to make them last a childhood

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Preparing a bedroom for a child really is an enchanting experience. Choosing the bedclothes, light fittings and of course, the toys are the things that dreams are made of. There are, however, as with any other project, some practical considerations, particularly if you are working to a budget and so here we explore kid’s rooms and how to make them last a childhood.

A Simple Foundation

Key to making kid’s rooms last a childhood is a simple foundation. Choose from a neutral colour palette when carpeting the floor and painting the walls, this way the child in question is less likely to grow out of the room as they get older.

Also, try to choose floor and wall coverings that are hard wearing and that are easy to clean, this way you can get involved with messy play as much as you like.

Toby's space bedroom

Super Soft Furnishings

Your simple foundation can either be built upon with the soft furnishings that you choose, or you can opt for accents and a little character. For the windows, Direct Blinds have a stylish and broad range of products to choose from, you may want to consider heavy curtains or blackout blinds as these can play an important role in helping little ones get a good night’s sleep.

Other soft furnishings that can give the room some dynamics include colourful rugs and bedclothes, but maybe avoid the type with little bunnies printed on them or other images that one day may be considered “baby stuff”.

Sleeping Arrangements

If the room is being prepared for a new born child, then many would argue that a cot bed is the best option. Inevitably, it will have to be replaced with a proper bed, but will last longer than a conventional cot and helps toddlers adapt to sleeping on something without sides as they develop.

Essential Storage

Space to put the kid’s clothes, books and toys is essential, but getting a good balance between storage and space to play is also worth bearing in mind. Depending on the size and shape of the room, one large set of drawers and some shelving may be all that is required. Wooden storage items can be repainted or stripped down to suit the child’s age and taste and so are well worth the investment.

Taking this approach to preparing a kid’s room will leave you with a light and airy space, with all the essentials that you need and that will last a childhood.

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