Things to organise the week that you go on holiday

Preparing for a holiday - packing a suitcase

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Going on holiday soon? There is sure to be a lot of excitement in the run-up to a vacation, but this can also be a stressful time. There is a lot that needs to be organised for a smooth and successful vacation and you certainly want to make sure that it is a relaxing experience. With this in mind, here are a few things to get done the week that you go on holiday so that everything goes according to plan. Read more

Living Arrows 25/52 (2019)

Gabe riding his bike in the street

I can’t believe there are only four weeks of the summer term left! Gabe had his first taster session last week, and really enjoyed himself by all accounts. He told me he ‘played with LEGO and dinosaurs, listened to a story, had a drink of blackcurrant, drew a picture, got a sticker…and had a wee’. Sounds like all the important bases were covered! Read more

Pizza Express // Create your own pizza competition for kids

Kids creating their own pizzas at Pizza Express

**Paid post in association with Pizza Express

Both my boys love pizza (who doesn’t?) and we have recently started making our own at home. Gabe especially likes kneading the dough and rolling it out ready to put the toppings on. For both boys the best bit about making pizza at home is that they can choose exactly what they want on it. If your kids like making pizzas like mine do then Pizza Express has just launched a competition perfect for all your budding pizzaiolos (that’s pizza chefs to you and me). Read more

Glamping at Coniston Park Coppice // 48 hours in the Lake District

The view from Wray Castle over the fields to Windermere

We love going on holiday to the Lake District with our two young children – we’ve been at least once a year since Toby was born. All our previous holidays have been in cottages but when I won a two night stay in a glamping pod we were very happy to try something different. So what did we get up to in our 48 hours in the Lake District? Read more

Living Arrows 22/52 (2019)

Gabe on a boat on Lake Windermere

Wow, I’m super late with this week’s Living Arrows post! Since my last posthalf term has been and gone, although Toby and Gabe only went back to school and nursery today. We had a fairly quiet first week; a trip to a play centre, a meal out for my birthday, a visit to the dentist, a visit to my mum and dad’s house where my brother and sister-in-law were staying, and Toby and I went swimming while Gabe had a day at nursery. Actually, when I write it all down it doesn’t seem quiet at all! Read more