Living Arrows 52/53 (2018)

Toby's excited face when he realised Father Christmas was on the train with us

I know everyone seems to be saying it this year, but I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already! I don’t know about your children but Toby is bouncing off the walls with excitement now. Gabe’s excited too but I don’t know if it’s just because he’s younger and doesn’t understand quite as much but he seems to be containing it a bit more! Read more

Gift ideas for people missed off your Christmas list

Gift Ideas for People Missed off Your Christmas List

**This is a collaborative post

For kids, Christmas is a magical, mesmerising and enchanting time. Waiting for the arrival of Santa, opening their advent calendars and watching Christmas films, December is such an exciting month. While the same is true for parents, the festive season is also a little hectic and very busy. With so much to do, from planning the Christmas dinner to organising family visits, it can be easy to forget people from the present list. Read more

Living Arrows 48/53 (2018)

Gabe exploring the Bridestones

So this is the last Living Arrows of November, and there are only 5 more to go before the end of the year! I sound like broken record but I am constantly amazed at how fast this last few months of the year is going. We don’t seem to do much during the week except school, nursery and swimming lessons but we are trying to make the most of our weekends at the moment. Read more