Living Arrows 51/52 (2016)

Everyone is starting to feel a bit better this week so hopefully we’ll all be well enough to enjoy Christmas. The boys had their last days at nursery before the Christmas break and both came home with so many Christmas crafts I almost needed a suitcase to carry them all!

The weather has been pretty rubbish though, not festive in the slightest. The rain did stop long enough though for Toby to finally get out on the new SmarTrike scooter we’ve been sent to review. Considering he’s never had a scooter before (although maybe has used one at nursery) I was really impressed with how well he did on it. You can see on his face how much he was enjoying it…

Toby having fun outside on his new scooter

Gabe has been feeling better too – his nose is still constantly dripping but apart from that he’s not too bad. He wasn’t too impressed with me going away for a night out with my friend last weekend though – he woke up at 10 pm and didn’t stop crying and go back to sleep until 5 am! Not much sleep for daddy that night either!

He’s turning into a proper little character now though and sometimes seems so close to talking, I’m sure it won’t be long until he gets more words than just ‘hiya’. He can still be very serious sometimes though, and if he’s not happy about something he’ll definitely let you know about it. He’s usually quite happy when he’s in the buggy even though his resting face doesn’t always show it…

Gabe and his serious face in the buggy.

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