Siblings // Toby and Gabe in November & December

I missed last month’s Siblings Project update – even though I actually managed to get a few pictures of them together I just didn’t manage to find the time to write a post. So this month is a mixture of pictures of my two boys from November and December.

Toby and Gabe are slowly starting to learn how to play alongside each other (I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are playing together yet) even though Gabe does have a tendency to just throw things around still. They look like they are playing together in this picture from last month but I’m pretty sure Gabe ran off with some of the pieces a few seconds after I took this picture!

Toby and Gabe playing together with a puzzle

The kitchen the boys got for Christmas has been a hit though and is just about big enough for them both to play with it at the same time.

Playing with the kitchen together on Christmas morning

Toby is definitely showing more affection towards his brother these days too. This picture was taken last month. I think Gabe was feeling a bit poorly with a cold and Toby asked if he could sit with him. They actually stayed like this for about five minutes too. So cute!

Toby gives Gabe a kiss

More often than not though cuddles turn into headlocks and usually end in tears…

Not sure if this is a hug or a headlock

There’s no doubting though that Toby and Gabe love each other – just look at how they’re looking at one another in this one…

A look of love between two brothers

Every so often we get glimpses of what it might be like in another few months. We went out for a walk the other day and put the backpack reins on Gabe for the first time. Toby was desperate to hold Gabe, and lead him off on an adventure, and Gabe was more than happy to follow (mostly!)…

Toby taking Gabe for a walk

My brothers walking together

And the last picture I wanted to include for this update is one that makes me laugh. I don’t often think Toby and Gabe look much like each other, perhaps it’s partly because their hair is so different. But occasionally I get a snap where they look really similar – like this one with their matching, gormless watching TV faces.

oby and Gabe with their gormless TV watching faces


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