Siblings // Toby and Gabe in September (2017)

This month’s big change for my two boys has been Toby starting school, and Gabe going to a new preschool. If I’m completely honest Gabe doesn’t seem to be missing having his brother around at all! I think he’s just enjoying playing with all the toys without his brother bossing him around, and having my undivided attention.

When they are together, Toby and Gabe are still getting on pretty well most of the time, and still fighting with each other the rest of the time. There have been some very sweet moments between them this last month though – like this one when we were walking home from the shops a few weeks ago. I think it’s the first time they’ve every properly held hands and walked together…

Gabe still wants to do whatever Toby is doing and still copies him all the time. He loves to sit next to his brother to watch TV, and Toby mostly tolerates having his little brother next to him!

Siblings sitting together to watch TV

Toby still looks like he’s trying to get his brother in a head lock half the time though…

Toby showing Gabe some brotherly love with a strangle cuddle

They still make each other like no one else can too…

Silly brothers making each other laugh

I think Toby is really loving that Gabe can talk more now, and he often likes to tell me what Gabe has said. He’s quite the fan of putting words into Gabe’s mouth too, especially if he thinks it will help him get something he wants. We have been watching quite a lot of dinosaur programmes on Amazon Video lately as both boys love them. But I do try and ration them a bit, and limit the time they spend watching them because I think they would sit and watch them all day if I let them. Toby is a big fan of telling me that Gabe wants to watch ‘telly roar roars’ though, even if Gabe has said nothing of the sort – you can’t blame a kid for trying I suppose!

Toby and Gabe in September

I think that’s about if for my siblings update for this month, I’m just going to leave you with this one – I tried to take the boys’ picture yesterday when we were at the garden centre but neither of them were up for posing much!

Toby and Gabe weren't keen on having their picture taken



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