Living Arrows 36/52 (2017)

The last week has felt a bit odd, with it being the last week before Toby starts school tomorrow. On Monday I went to IKEA with my mum and Gabe (I know, IKEA on a bank holiday!) while Toby stayed at home and played with his daddy. And then on Tuesday Gabe had his last day at nursery while we had a Mummy and Toby day at home.

I’m glad we had chance for a bit of one on one time – Toby is still saying he’s excited about starting school but I think there’s a bit of worry going on in there too. We’d been having some trouble with Toby wetting the bed, and having accidents during the day but I’m convinced that was as much laziness as anything else. We introduced an incentive – if he could have five days in a row with no accidents then he would get a prize. He didn’t manage the first day but has been fine since then and so on Saturday he got his reward (an Eggbots toy which I have to say a massive thanks to the people behind the Clangers for finding and sending to us.) I just hope he manages to keep it up at school.

Toby chose to make gingerbread on our day together – I do enjoy baking with him and it was really tasty too. I’m not sure what this picture is about though – I think he was showing me some Smarties. I do like it though.

Toby baked gingerbread and is showing us the Smarties

Things have improved with Gabe this week too. His tooth is only half way through, and his naps are still a bit hit and miss but at least we seemed to have got over the screaming every time I tried to make him go near the bedroom! His speech is still coming on leaps and bounds and he’s putting more words together every day.

Gabe enjoying his crisps


We had a day out in the Lake District on Saturday which turned into a bit of a comedy of errors…but I think I’ll save that for another post!

If any of you have little ones starting school this week too then good luck, and I’ll see you in a puddle of tears on the other side!

Living Arrows

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  1. I still can’t get over how grown up Gabe is looking recently. I hope the start of school went ok – and I can’t believe you went to IKEA on a bank holiday! CRAZY! x

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